Oliver BengtssonOctober 05, 2017

5 Ways App Developers use Avaya Vantage to Solve Real CX Challenges

As the mobile enterprise grows, app developers can seize opportunity like never before. Healthcare, banking, retail, government: there’s not one industry today that doesn’t have CX gaps preventing them from delivering better value. In healthcare, for example, there’s the need to improve patient outcomes while meeting strict regulations. In retail, the need to streamline the supply chain process. In government, a need to simplify public services. Across the board, there are endless shortages that affect the overall quality of the customer experience.

But there’s good news: for every problem hot spot in the CX, there are countless ways to resolve it. Specifically, with the help of a growing app developer ecosystem.

The mobile enterprise industry has become nothing short of explosive in today’s smart, digital world. So much so, that demand for mobile app development services is set to grow five times faster than organizations’ capacity to deliver them. In a new era of cloud computing, AI, and IoT, smart devices have emerged as one of many integral moving parts. For app developers, the race is on to rapidly build innovative business tools that bridge critical CX gaps.

Exploring Five Industries Where App Developers can Impact CX

So, how can developers get ahead? Let’s look at five industries that developers can cater to using our customizable desktop device, the Avaya Vantage™ Device.

  1. Nursing Communications: This is one of the greatest areas of opportunity in healthcare—especially in countries like the U.S., where there are more than four times as many registered nurses as physicians. The need for nurses to seamlessly locate physicians, as well as know how and when they are available to communicate, is vital. Similarly, the need to simplify communications and eliminate interruptions is at an all-time high.


    Avaya’s suggestion: Consider developing a next-gen app that provides each nurse with access to doctor schedules, patient schedules, and various areas of care. Nurses can receive only the information they need while streamlining reminders, messages, and calls into their daily workflows.

  2. Wealth Management: Research continues to show a massive need among financial providers for improved wealth management offerings. At the same time, we’re seeing high-demand among consumers for this type of service. For example, almost half of millennials are interested in real-time and forward-looking spending analyses. A sophisticated app can be used by providers to drive value and credibility as an industry leader.


    Avaya’s suggestion: Consider developing an interactive VR app. Stanford found that consumers who are shown a digitally-altered version of themselves at retirement age are willing to put twice as much money into long-term savings.

  3. In-Room Guest Experience: The hospitality industry is working overtime to cater to a customer base that largely wants to use technology to accelerate standard processes. Today, most hotel executives see opportunity to innovate the in-room phone, and over 80% plan to roll out high-functioning mobile apps over the next five years.


    Avaya’s suggestion: Consider developing an AI app that lets guests control their in-room experience. Over 70% of guests say they want to use a smart device to control various in-room needs (i.e., room service, TV, curtains, spa reservations). One hotelier recently purchased Avaya Vantage, using it to provide voice communications, hotel services, IoT-based room comfort control, and to improve Wi-Fi coverage in rooms through the hotspot feature. The hotel is providing the best experience for their guests and is also lowering their overall phone and device cost per room.

  4. Retail Management: In a world of digital disruptors like Amazon, retailers are scrambling to quickly adapt to customers’ evolving needs. The key here is simply having the right information at the right time. Consider that only 28% of retailers provide stock availability information for specific stores, and less than half have store staff who can order out-of-stock items for customers. Integrated communications and data visibility are vital for competitiveness and revenue.


    Avaya’s suggestion: Consider developing apps that communications-enable processes across every line of business, from logistics to sales to R&D. Allow anyone, anywhere to initiate or continue conversations without having to hop in and out of apps or use multiple devices.

  5. Citizen Engagement: Forrester’s 2016 Customer Experience Index Study ranked government last among over 300 brands based on over 120,000 customer perceptions. CX improvements clearly must be made within this industry, ideally starting with citizen engagement.


    Avaya’s suggestion: Consider developing an app that can be used to enhance citizen engagement. For example, provide citizens with greater access to government officials via custom, real-time communications. Empower them with the ability to rapidly provide feedback on issues. Allow officials to collaborate with citizens to develop policies that will directly improve communities.

Now that we know what app developers can target, the question becomes how. Enter our innovative desktop communication device, Avaya Vantage.

Avaya Vantage out-of-box support for the Avaya Equinox™ Experience and the Avaya Breeze™ Client SDK enables developers to use ready-made applications from Avaya, install existing apps from the Google Play™ store, or embed custom communication features into workflows to meet exact customer and vertical needs. Supported by the Android OS, the device lets developers rapidly create cutting-edge communications solutions that solve real customer issues industry-wide.

Learn more about Avaya Vantage in our blog, “A Look at the Radical New Desk Phone You Never Knew You Needed.” See Frost & Sullivan’s take on Avaya Vantage in their paper “Expect More from Your UC Solution.”

Oliver Bengtsson

Oliver Bengtsson is Senior Product Manager of IP Endpoints at Avaya, leading new device innovation. Oliver is responsible for the introduction and go-to-market initiatives of exciting new solutions such as Avaya Vantage.

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