Zang Cloud Launches New Feature for Healthcare

Zang Cloud Launches New Feature for Healthcare

In healthcare today, the communications technologies being deployed at medical facilities can be as vital as stethoscopes and blood pressure machines themselves. Faster and more fluid communications empower medical personnel to provide a higher level of care, whether it should be a single PCP or manager of a large staff across multiple locations. 

For many organizations, however, the drive to integrate new technologies is at odds with the resources available to them. Not many healthcare organizations have the time or experience necessary to build, deploy and manage new applications themselves. But attempting this cannot be done haphazardly—otherwise you may create a situation in which your communications fail to adhere to industry standards and regulations.

If you’re part of a healthcare organization in need of support as you look to integrate next-generation communications features, Zang will see you now.

Zang Cloud is a robust development platform that uses a drag-and-drop development process. This enables any business to build its own messaging features, with or without coding experience. In order to help administrators working within healthcare organizations, Zang has just added a feature to its platform that will foster greater communication while helping you protect client’s sensitive information.

Here’s how it works.

If your organization uses Zang to send out SMS alerts to remind patients about upcoming appointments, that data becomes patient health information (PHI). When that message is sent, Zang flags it immediately as PHI and obfuscates it from your system, making it impossible for the communication to be leaked or exposed. Further, it reduces the likelihood that something in your system could even be perceived as PHI.

At the same time, Zang maintains an artifact of the communication internally so that it is still possible to see how the system is being used. However, personally identifiable information, including the patient’s phone number, would not be visible.

Of course, not every message sent is necessarily going to include confidential patient information. Using Zang, you can manually select which messages should and shouldn’t be obfuscated, giving you greater managerial control and the peace of mind knowing that your cusotmers’ communication data is safe.

There are a number of ways that you can get started today. Current Zang Cloud users can activate this service in their existing account without changing their applications. You can also contact our support team to have them obfuscate data for your data transactions.

To learn more about what you can do with Zang Cloud, click here. To learn more about healthcare apps built on Zang Cloud read “Zang Reduces the ‘Evils’ of App Development for Systems Vendor Mutare.”