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Avaya Open SIP Phones Bring Advanced Communications to Your Business

When it comes to enterprise communications, it’s clear the paradigm has changed. An environment of largely disparate systems and applications has given way to one of integrated, communications-enabled business processes. Organizations are broadening their reach with seemingly infinite endpoints, driven by technologies like mobile, social and video. They’re reimagining possibilities and outcomes with third-party integration and customization. So … where does the traditional deskphone fit into this picture?

While it’s true that the business ecosystem is evolving—streamlining, digitizing, accelerating—research shows that the hard phone remains a powerful communications tool today. Last year Gartner estimated that 70% of all enterprise users still invest and rely on hard phones. Meanwhile, a recent survey found that 65% of workers still prefer using deskphones.

It’s clear that enterprises aren’t yet ready to move on from the deskphone, and the good news is they don’t have to. The right desktop device should be able to support flexible multimedia collaboration and future innovation. The deskphone represents massive untapped potential, which is why we’re so excited about our all-new Open SIP phone series. Our new Open SIP phones portfolio is on the cusp of this transformation, designed to bring the traditional deskphone into next-gen communication and collaboration.

The series includes three core devices:

Each device is designed to meet specific user requirements—from walk-up to remote to executive use—all boasting enterprise-grade security and interoperability with a broad range of third-party hosted call control platforms. Here’s what you can expect from each of these new open SIP phones…

Avaya B179 Open SIP Conference Phone

Avaya-B179-Open-SIP-Conference-Phone This SIP-based conference phone is perfect for medium and large conference rooms, specifically those for groups of 10 people or more. The Avaya B179 Open SIP Conference Phone boasts OmniSound 2.0, expandability for microphones and/or a PA system, and web-based configuration for importing and exporting contacts and settings. Most notably, the device supports a range of third-party hosted call control platforms including:

Easy-to-use features include hold, transfer, local five-way conference, forward, mute, and call waiting. The device also comes with Power over Ethernet Class 3 and an AC/DC adapter (100–240 V AC/13.5 V DC).

Avaya J129 IP Phone

Avaya-J129-IP-Phone This open SIP deskphone is designed for enterprises (and some SMBs) looking to cost-effectively address their most fundamental need: secure, voice-based communications. The Avaya J129 Open SIP Deskphone is ideal for location-based or walk-up uses, including lobbies, waiting areas, lunch rooms, retail, manufacturing, hallways and cubicles. The phone has a revolutionary industrial design with mix and match components, as well as optional Wi-Fi. It offers extensive third-party hosted platform support, including Broadsoft Broadworks R21SP1 and Zang Office R1.0.

Essential functions include:

  • Three context-sensitive soft keys
  • Easy-to-use features including hold, transfer, conference, forward, do not disturb, and auto answer
  • Backup/restore of local contacts
  • Personal settings (i.e., language, ring type, time zone, time format, date format)
  • Speakerphone
  • Recent call log (100 entries)
  • Built-in volume boost control in handset
  • Mute key with mute alerting
  • Power over Ethernet Class 1

Avaya Vantage Device 

Avaya-Vantage-Device The Avaya Vantage Device enables organizations to fully embrace next-gen communications with the market’s most innovative deskphone capabilities. This open, agile, fully customizable desktop device offers flexible application integration (supported by Android Marshmallow OS) and seamless yet secure multimedia collaboration.

Avaya Vantage preserves deskphone features that users have come to know and love, while enabling integrated business workflows that support custom user experiences. That means no unnatural breaks in business processes, no need to own multiple devices to engage, and no costs associated with BYOD or system migrations. Out-of-box support for the Avaya Equinox™ Experience and the Avaya Breeze™ Client SDK allows organizations to use ready-made applications from Avaya, install existing apps from the Google Play Store, or embed custom communication features into workflows to meet exact customer and vertical needs.

Avaya Vantage is ideal for use in verticals such as hospitality, healthcare, retail, media and entertainment, and government. Learn more in our blog about this “Radical New Desk Phone You Never Knew You Needed.”

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