Mike KuchAugust 03, 2017

Our Unparalleled Success in Superior Solutions for Avaya Cloud Customers

Avaya is stronger than ever, closing thousands of new customer opportunities each quarter. While it’s a fierce market out there, our main focus is on providing superior solutions for our new and existing customers. So while others may celebrate a single win, we stay focused on what really matters—delivering business outcomes through our innovative solutions.

As an industry leader we go head to head with many companies, including the pure cloud players, and mostly come out on top. Many customers that switch to pure cloud, more often than not, switch back to Avaya for one reason: We have the most flexible, reliable solutions to drive their businesses. Customers need a partner to work with them to deliver solid business value—that’s why we remain an industry leader in all categories where we focus on innovation.

Recently, it has become apparent that some of our competitors are a bit confused about what size of customer falls into an “enterprise” category and what it means to celebrate a new customer win. At Avaya, a 750- or 1000-seat opportunity is not an enterprise deal, but a midmarket deal. Enterprise for us is above 5,000 seats and can be anywhere from 10,000-100,000 seats. We sell hundreds of thousands of seats in the enterprise space each quarter, not counting those we sell to small and midsize businesses.

Avaya delivers over 1.5 trillion interactions a day on our solutions. Our Avaya IP Office™ in the Cloud and Zang™ Cloud offerings are among the best of what’s available. Even the pure cloud players are worried as we offer Cloud your way—public, private or hybrid.

For me, all of this makes Avaya seem like we should always be a top consideration and often an easy choice—but here are a few more reasons why we remain ahead of all the others:

  1. Our seamless engagement experience is easy to deploy and affordably scales to help any business accelerate growth.
  2. IP Office can be deployed in a virtualized environment as a unique hybrid installation.
  3. The appliance is on site while the server is in the cloud.
  4. Current IP Office users can retain the investment they have already made, while adopting advanced applications in an Opex model.
  5. Avaya’s unique hybrid architecture does not have rip-and-replace procedures, rather it enables easy scaling or adding of new capabilities based on customer needs.
  6. The many Avaya features that businesses can leverage are unmatched.

If we were to spend our time boasting about every customer we win from our competitors—cloud or on premise—we wouldn’t get much else done. We would rather focus time and effort on bringing the best experiences to our customers—deployed in whatever way works for them.

Mike Kuch

Mike is the Senior Director for Solutions Marketing at Avaya. He focuses on Marketing of Team Engagement solutions with emphasis on bringing new Cloud offers to Market. He is veteran in the technology industry, specializing in bringing pioneering technologies into new and established markets.

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