TaCode Tuesday: Better Communication with Customers in your SMS App

TaCode Tuesday: Better Communication with Customers in your SMS App

Happy TaCODE Tuesday! It’s that time once again to share free snippets of code to create your own text and voice apps, accompanied by some taco humor. Today we assemble the correct ingredients to build a two-way SMS app that you can use in your business to communicate more effectively with your customers. And the special sauce? Not a single written line of code required, just simply drag and drop the actions you want to implement with DragToCode.

Let’s taco ‘bout SMS appointment reminders!

As a small business owner, it’s clear that your time and money is very valuable to you. And if you’re here, you’re aware that people prefer to text with businesses. That’s why Zang clients, such as salon or dentist office owners, are starting to build SMS applications to remind customers to confirm their appointments. And anyone can create these apps, no programming experience required. Your new SMS application will create a clear line of communication between your business and your customers, strengthening the relationship with the people that mean the most. With the DragToCode platform, building SMS and Voice apps is as simple as putting together lego pieces. Simply sign-up for an account, read some blogs or demos, and you’ll become a master of the craft.
Here is an example of a customer utilizing DragToCode and Zang APIs. Incorporated with their patient management system, when the script is called, a message is sent containing the date and time of the appointment.
With DragToCode’s intuitive drag-and-drop coding software and Zang’s communication APIs, you can jump right into building your custom apps with little to no development background. The steps are as simply as:

  • Planning the program and workflow you would like to build.
  • Tinkering around with the DragToCode software, attempting to get just the perfect app process for your small business.
  • If you run into any obstacles, visiting blogs or contacting the DragToCode support team, can move your app development along smoothly.
  • Test-run your program to make sure it’s firing at all cylinders.
  • You’re done! Start sending your clients appointment reminders and confirmations through a friendly SMS message and never waste time or money on a missed appointment again.

Now that you have finished building your app and started using automated technology to communicate with your customers more efficiently, you can go back to focusing on the broader issues, and let Zang handle the rest. So get started today, and integrate the powers of DragToCode and Zang in order to improve the relationship with your customers through the power of communication.
For more resources on building apps with DragToCode and Zang read this article on how to send and receive SMS messages or this one about how to send and receive voice calls

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