Start Building to Communicate Better Using Zang APIs and CPaaS

As you are probably aware, many consumers these days prefer not to get on the phone with a business, and email open rates typically hover around just 30%. When a business lacks the ability to communicate efficiently with their consumers, it can turn into disgruntled customers and poor online reviews that can severely impact the bottom line. That’s why businesses are turning to Zang.

Zang Cloud is an easy way to build SMS and voice applications and workflows for your phone, laptop, or traditional phone system. With more people texting instead of calling your business, support costs drop and customer satisfaction soars. It utilizes Zang’s API along with our CPaaS to create customizable voice and SMS apps in a few simple steps. How simple? Watch this video:

Building an application tailored specifically to your business is easy. Simply sign up for a free account, log in, and choose a phone number. This number is hosted in a secure cloud and allows you to leverage Zang APIs to create personalized SMS and voice applications and it comes SMS and MMS enabled so you can delight your customers with text communications.

Zang comes with an integrated editor, allowing you to customize and perfect your apps without having to use any external servers or software. You don’t need to know complex programming languages or even understand ‘code’ in order to build your good idea with Zang’s design tool Workflow.  Did I mention automated speech recognition that supports 89 languages?

If you run into any trouble, need inspiration, or simply want to test what you’ve built so far, simply refer to the Zang Help Center where you will find documentation, tutorials, and demos. With Zang, the apps you build are truly your own and can be tailored to meet the needs of your customers. Zang users have already created apps that inform their customers of their order status by SMS, and built customized call menus that callers can navigate through using their voice, just to name a few. And with Zang Cloud, you are only charged for what you use. So get started today with Zang!