Repairing the Disconnect That Holds Back Mobile Workforces

Repairing the Disconnect That Holds Back Mobile Workforces

“How can we best connect our mobile workforce, efficiently, and fit for the future?” It’s a question you hear a lot.

As the driving force behind businesses everywhere, mobile workers need to be equipped to continue delivering the productivity, efficiency and customer engagement gains we have come to expect from them. Then there’s the wider workforce to consider—geographically split teams who work across cities or even counties. How do they connect with one another, whatever the time or place?

Exploring the Disconnect

As individuals, we’re used to being able to flit from IM, to voice, to video—all within one free mobile app. But in business this flexibility still isn’t there, coming at a price to productivity, and employee and customer satisfaction.

While 87% of business leaders believe collaboration improves productivity, they’re dealing with the fact that 40% of information workers work remotely. And employee-owned devices are standard business equipment for mobile workers. So it stands to reason that some common challenges we hear from our customers include:

  • “Our people need to work from anywhere, but we can’t effectively support it. So we don’t know who’s available or how best to reach them.”
  • “…We rely on voice, e-mail, IM, mobile, etc., but they don’t work together.”
  • We have more communication channels … but less people to manage it all.”

Why Avaya IP Office is the Answer

Let’s look at three ways the Avaya IP Office™ Platform enables engagement among your employees and customers, across any channel, and with ease.

  1. Better engagement, for better business outcomes. While employee-owned devices may be “good enough” to an extent, it’s vital that organisations issue their people and contact centers with the appropriate communication tools to deliver a truly integrated experience—from business, to employee, to customer. Because when organisations successfully engage their customers and their employees, they experience a 240% boost in performance-related business outcomes, with:
    • Increased productivity – improving the customer experience
    • Enhanced innovation – by bringing out creative ideas and nurturing growth
    • Reduced cost with less real estate and management/maintenance to pay for as more employees are based remotely
    • Higher retention as highly engaged employees are less likely to leave – reducing costs as knowledge stays inside the business and recruitment costs fall
  2. Getting maximum value from the cloud. Let’s talk cloud. Or, should I say, let’s talk in the cloud. Research shows that by 2020, 78% of small and midsize businesses will be fully adapted to the cloud—almost double that of 2014.

    One of the main drivers in this growth is the way we share and communicate. By bringing disparate communication channels together onto a common platform, companies stand to gain tremendous productivity and efficiency increases. But, for all the benefits, there’s no denying that moving to the cloud can be challenging. Working with a trusted partner is critical to avoiding some of the common issues that can arise.


    Many challenges can cloud your journey. Like many SMBs, you may be facing limited IT budgets and capital, so cost-efficiency is paramount—which means no room for error in mapping out a cloud strategy. Moving to the cloud can also bring an increase in complex application environments, and the need for more scalability in line with application usage. You need to find a balance between purchasing and maintaining IT tools vs. coping with legacy systems and aging infrastructure. Making this all the more complex is limited IT resources and the increasing cost of attracting/training/retaining IT staff.


    That said, the benefits of making the move are considerable and well-documented, and approached correctly it’s a sound commercial decision, giving you:

    • A predictable expense model with subscription-based payment options—you only pay for what you use
    • Access to the latest technology with real-time monitoring, management and analytics included in many solutions
    • More time back to your IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives
    • The ability to scale up or down as needed, on demand in response to your business’ peaks and troughs
  3. Bringing the mobile world to your workforce. When the office can be anywhere from your kitchen to an airplane seat, how do you stay engaged and connected with your customers and employees? It’s just one of the reasons that mobile devices have become central to the way we work.

    In our personal lives, we have simple apps that work globally—at no cost—to keep us connected to our friends and families. This ease of use is moving into the workplace, with an average 39% of employees using instant messenger apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat for work purposes—without the specific authorization of IT, which exposes the business to cyber-security risks. But with almost 1/4 of office workers saying they don’t have the right tools to do their jobs, a compromise is needed. Your workers want and expect fast access to email, chat, video calls and other online channels, and they want to be able to share and save shared information easily.

With a unified, cloud-based communications platform, you can engage with your employees and customers across any channel with ease. Employees can respond immediately, and share information, across any channel, anytime, anywhere, via any device—boosting productivity and customer satisfaction.

Avaya IP Office is incredibly sophisticated, yet remarkably simple to use. It brings together telephony, video, mobility ,and call center applications—all while reducing IT overheads with true plug and play that effortlessly rolls out applications to your staff.

Avaya makes collaboration affordable, simple to implement, easy to use, secure, and available for a wide range of devices including video room systems, desktops, smartphones and tablets. Freeing talented individuals to come together and form exceptional teams that collaborate faster, make smarter decisions, and drive better business results. All without driving up costs.

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