Andrew MaherAugust 29, 2017

#IAmAvaya: A Note of Thanks to a Great Many People

Avaya Corporate issued a challenge to all employees to make a short video completing the sentence “I am Avaya because…” When this arrived in my inbox right before my summer holidays, I thought a couple of things. One, I really did not have my mind in a place to make a video right before leaving and, more importantly, I struggled with the “I” part of this challenge.

I came back to this after returning and speaking with a colleague who helped me figure a way to get around this blockage. See, I’ve never seen myself as that important to this company. Even though I’ve been here well over 20 years, my success along the way has always been through working with others and in teams. I have never been a one man show. Sure, I do a lot work where it looks like I’m out there alone and presenting myself to the marketplace, but believe me … there are a lot of people behind the scenes who get me in that position. They help me in finding the right stories to tell. They put me in touch with others doing fantastic work in the field. They correct me before I go on stage so I don’t say something wrong. Without THEM, there’d be no ME.

So, this challenge came back to me and I decided to use it to say “thanks” to all those who have been with me on this journey. In my #IAmAvaya video, I say “thank you” to each one of you as you make me capable to do what I do.

Andrew Maher

After 20 years of building, designing and consulting on customer engagement solutions, I now have the pleasure of capturing, packaging and retelling our partners and customers success stories to anyone who is interested.

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