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Do You Believe in Magic? Avaya’s Fix for Your Frustrating, Outdated CX

Stop me if you’ve had this customer experience before.

You have a problem. You’ve rebooted the device, made sure everything was plugged in, and done all of the “by the book” ways to fix your problem, yet the problem remains. You hunt through the manufacturer’s mobile app, use your “Google-Fu,” read through countless discussion forums, and the problem persists. Resigned to your fate, you then look up the customer service number1 and click dial.

Once the automated announcement starts playing, you begin mashing the zero key to bypass the auto attendant with more branches than a forest has trees.2 Finally, you’re put into queue waiting for an available agent. You are repeatedly told how important your call is, and after the third time you start to wonder how important it really is3. Finally connected with an agent, you explain your tale of woe. After dutifully outlining the steps you’ve taken to fix the issue before calling, and the super helpful agent knows EXACTLY what’s wrong, how to fix it, and right as they begin imparting this valuable knowledge to you … click. Your cell phone signal failed, and the call was dropped.

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. You’ve been sent to customer service jail.

In a desperate attempt to reach the same agent, you immediately hit redial. You spend ten more minutes trying to convince yourself that this wait will be helpful, thinking maybe that agent jumped on another call but will be free when it’s your turn. The moment of truth arrives, your call is connected with an agent, at which moment you realize you’ve just played a game of chutes and ladders, and have landed on square sixteen which slides you all the way back to square one.

The super-helpful agent who knew exactly what the issue was and how to fix it is gone. Instead, you’ve been connected with a new agent who has no idea how to diagnose your problem or how to fix it. This agent can’t identify who you were speaking with before and doesn’t know what steps you’ve already tried. Forced to repeat everything, you wait while the agent attempts to find someone who can help you.

Imagine What We Can Do

This is an amazing time to be a consumer. We have information at our fingertips, regardless of location. Digital assistants literally answer our beck and call. Information is even becoming more personal, as wearable computers track our journeys and eliminate the need to dig into pockets to access information. We are more informed, empowered, and educated on the products and services that we rely and depend on, without interacting with a business brand or its ambassadors.

However, this empowerment does not mean we consumers don’t need help from time to time. When consumers choose to interact with a customer service organization, it’s mostly because attempts to resolve problems through self-service have been met with no success.4

This is the exact moment where consumers become the most frustrated. They fight through automated barriers that offer tools that don’t apply5, then wait for an agent, then revisit all of the steps that have been tried unsuccessfully.

Customer service organizations need some magic, which can be procured in one of two ways:

  • Option 1 – Hire a Chief Magical Officer
    While I’m sure such a CMO would be a fun addition to the company’s holiday party, this doesn’t seem practical.
  • Option 2 – Choose Avaya
    A much more practical option would be to connect with an Avaya account team or Avaya business partner. Avaya customer engagement solutions, dare I say, come with magic built-in!

Use Self-Service Where It Makes Sense

We know that consumers are more empowered than ever. When something breaks, they know to look at your website, mobile app, and other sources of self-service for tips on how to fix their problems. If they’ve called into your customer service organization, it’s because nothing has worked, so please, just pick up the phone! Poorly engineered voice self-service solutions are a barrier, not a help, to problem resolution.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Avaya IP Office Contact Center and Avaya Contact Center Select enable businesses to embed communications options right into their mobile app or website. Self-service moves to a more appropriate forum (text-based communications), and if the issue is too complicated for self-service, a single click can connect the customer to the customer service organization. Streamline the process and eliminate hurdles in front of customers to deliver better results.

The Customer is Always Right

In today’s hyper-connected world, there are more options than ever to communicate. If a customer’s preferred method of communication is a chat app, why make them choose something else to reach customer service? I guarantee you this—if your business is not trying to blend into its customers’ communication preferences, your competitors are.

Avaya IP Office Contact Center and Avaya Contact Center Select solutions are full multi-touch customer engagement solutions. With a healthy dash of simplicity, businesses of any size can support voice, text, mail and faxes from their customers, all without requiring a million confusing apps on the agent’s desktop. Using the same distribution methods for handling all customer interactions, businesses can gain better insights into their customers, and use that context to provide more magical customer experiences.

Put Everything into the Proper Context

Allowing customers to communicate on their terms sets up the magic trick. In the event that a customer starts an interaction in one channel, such as web chat, but then decides to move to another channel, he shouldn’t slide back to square one in solving the issue. Instead, the customer’s previous interactions with the company should be right at an agent’s fingertips. The agent can then better understand why the customer has called in, what was done previously, and cut down on the customer’s frustration at repeating information.

Avaya IP Office Contact Center and Avaya Contact Center Select place the customer’s history front and center in the agent’s desktop application. Returning to my opening scenario, when the cellular signal failed and the customer dialed back into the queue, with Avaya the second agent could easily see who the customer was previously talking with, read notes left on the customer’s record, and consult with the original agent if necessary. Problems are solved, customers are happy, and what was a frustrating situation can be resolved…magically.

Why Stop There?

Contact Center solutions are typically built around agent utilization, not customer satisfaction. Typically, when a customer dials back into the queue within seconds of a previous call, it’s handled no differently than someone dialing in for the first time. The call is queued with little to no context, and then routed to a new agent—not because the original agent wasn’t available, but because it’s not their turn to take a call.

That’s dumb. Avaya IP Office Contact Center is smart.

Avaya IP Office Contact Center identifies the customer based on their caller ID, and identifies which agent the customer was last speaking with. If the original agent is available, Avaya IP Office Contact Center will reconnect the customer to the same agent … even if it’s not their turn to take a call. Customers are pleased that they have reached the same agent, their problems are resolved effortlessly, and they share that experience with their friends and family.

It’s so simple, it must be magic.

The Fun Footnotes
1Stop burying your customer service number 3-5 clicks from “Contact Us” on your website. Signed: a frustrated consumer.

2Seriously, self-service is light years easier in a mobile app, or via your website. If I’m calling, it’s because something is complicated. If your auto attendant has branches growing out of control, take out the virtual shears because it’s time for some pruning.

3A relic of the past, a result of lazy programming, and a punchline for amateur stand-up comics. Stop the insanity! Signed: a frustrated caller in queue.

4Another thing … if I call in to customer service because I’m having trouble with a single field on your website, please do not assume you need to hold my hand through the rest of the customer journey. It’s frustrating for the consumer, and wasteful for agent utilization.

5I know there are some folks out there who use voice self-service to do things (like check balances, etc.) But I’d bet the utilization is waning. I humbly suggest you offer self-service as an option when answering calls instead of presenting all of the ways your IVR/auto attendant can provide assistance.

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