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Customer Experience is Everything

Do you remember when you were young, the anticipation in walking up to your favorite theme park? Thrills and adventure awaited. And you just couldn’t wait to see and experience what was coming. Theme parks know: experience is everything. The best parks evolve year over year, adding little touches and big enhancements. Lately, this includes interactive social, mobile, touch-enabled experiences that add a touch of sparkle to a visitor’s journey. You want to deliver the same surprise, amazement, and contentment in your customer journey, but it’s easier said than done when it comes to an enterprise business.

At Avaya, we can start showing you how to master adding some magic to your customer journey by showing you our customer journey. In our Executive Briefing Center (EBC) you can be awed and amazed, and find something new around every corner.

The communication experience is driving every major business decision for most enterprises, and for good reason. A modern, friendly, easy customer experience is crucial to acquiring new customers, driving revenue, increasing customer lifetime value, and growing retention rates.

Transform your old day—coffee, customer meeting, sales pitch, lunch, and back to the office with little more takeaway than questions and a business card—by creating better in-person experiences with meaningful takeaways. Our EBC visitors leave with knowledge about hot communication trends. Thought-provoking, imagination-stirring concepts and ideas. An understanding of how to apply them to their businesses. Excitement about digital transformation. New and existing customers see the possibilities. Our partners gain deep confidence in our capabilities.

In our EBC, we’ve crafted a personalized, informative, collaborative environment rooted in multi-dimensional, multi-way communications. Let me roll out the red carpet to a behind-the-scenes tour of the Avaya Executive Briefing Center. Let’s see what it means to create experience-driven business solutions.

Inside the Avaya EBC: Content is King

Designed content lets you better control your destiny. We’ve got a best-in-class content portfolio that has been meticulously designed to align with your business needs. We have made our own digital transformation (DX) that allows companies to respond to their customers’ and employees’ new terms for on-demand information.

We’ve explored, experienced, and researched the Future of Customer and Team Experience. Our extensive content includes industry insights and real-world applications, interwoven with info on hyper-continuity. We explain how it all applies at all stages of the customer journey.

We’re giving you a glimpse of your future. We’ve carefully crafted advanced performance demonstrations that illustrate just what it means to perform at the speed of engagement in digital world. This impacts your customers, your employees, and your teams.

Just as we want to provide world-class customer experience journeys, we think you should too. That’s why we’ve built a suite of solutions around intelligent and anticipatory technology that help you help your customers. Our executive briefing demonstrations build out sensible, relatable, forward-thinking customer journeys that show our technology in action. We bring our solutions to life with hands-on demonstrations, collaborative presentations, and stimulating discussions.

The EBC’s Digital Installations

Most of us are visual learners. Infusing the right amount of strategy, substance and spark into the customer experience journey creates a fun and lasting impression. We’re not only sharing our center with you, but asking you to engage with it.

Part of our DX is evident through our hi-def, multi-media experiences. We recently installed our customer engagement wall technology that shares social media feeds with #digitaltransformation social feeds, customer experience content feeds, personalized content, promotional material, and even more content into a visually spectacular installation. It’s spectacular!

The customer engagement wall is a scalable, extensible, customizable platform that ensures the customer journey is personalized with configurable content and data that allows us to fully immerse visitors into our on-site briefing production.

The Avaya Customer Experience Mobile App

We live in a multi-device world, and that’s why we’ve built mobile into our customer experience journey. Our mobile app is a pièce de résistance, with a mobile-first mindset, aggregating all aspects of the customer experience into a holistic journey. The mobile app serves as a key driver for customer engagement before, during, and after your briefing.

Managing a positive end-to-end experience is a critical component of overall visitor or customer satisfaction. Because customers are demanding anticipatory personalization, we’ve incorporated more white-glove service touchpoints with a mobile-first mindset.

The Avaya Customer Experience app (Avaya CX App) surfaces necessary logistics, important content, timely messages, and informative data in real-time so that customers, partners, subject matter experts, and executive sponsors are all cued into the same program for a more connected experience. This ensures concierge-level service for each touchpoint of the customer journey through the mobile app that begins before they even step foot inside the building and follows through with takeaways that extend business reach beyond the walls of the EBC.

Real-World Experience: Avaya Stadium

Fans have clapped and cheered! At Avaya stadium that is. Avaya Stadium, home to Major League Soccer team the San Jose Earthquakes, is our masterpiece showcase experience, extending the customer journey into another world entirely. The world of sports and entertainment to be precise.

At Avaya Stadium, we’ve outfitted the entire arena with our technology to show how our solutions can create an immersive customer or fan experience in any setting.

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Our briefing program offers integrated touchpoints that enable the customer to make an informed decision more effectively based on meaningful corporate information, successful demonstrations, and first-hand peer and executive dialog, all backed by Avaya’s core technology offerings. See what we do in our business—and what we can do for yours—through a unified experience across all channels.

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