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Avaya Makes Innovation Easy at Call Center Week 2017

Innovation: perhaps no other word has been so stressed over the last decade as the pressure mounts for brands to evolve, adapt and grow.

It’s easy to understand why. We live in a world where new services and solutions can be created on the fly. Where business ecosystems can be rebuilt practically overnight. Where the scope of possibilities is seemingly endless. We’re now seeing digital giants like Amazon launching AI-enabled grocery stores. Social platforms like Facebook are evolving into Web-based TV networks. Today, innovation is not just an opportunity, it’s a necessity. Organizations must diversify through unique methods, ideas, and products if they wish to survive.

That’s a big problem for most brands still struggling to get on board. Consider that only 10% claim to innovate, and only 5% feel they’ve mastered digital to a point of competitive differentiation.

So, where do the other 90% of companies fall on the innovation spectrum? According to a recent survey from PwC, they:

  • Generate new ideas, but struggle to bring them to fruition (51%)
  • Currently value innovation, but have yet to take next steps (36%)
  • Do not prioritize innovation at all (3%)

So, how does your organization measure up? Whatever the answer, you must begin considering how next-gen technologies like IoT, AI and virtual reality can transform the CX and create unique new revenue opportunities. You need to consider the impact of organizational data-sharing, system-wide integration and third-party customization. The time to move forward with these initiatives is now. Consider that 85% of organizations feel they have a timeframe of only two years to make significant progress with their innovation plans before suffering financially or falling behind their competitors.

Innovation is the relentless pursuit of redefining experiences and reimagining possibilities. Organizations can recognize and even value innovation, but they won’t thrive unless they begin pioneering cutting-edge ideas and approaches. At Avaya, one of our primary focuses is to position organizations for this innovation success.

As the No. 1 global provider of contact center, unified messaging, SME telephony, and voice maintenance and support services, we take pride in helping our customers identify, implement, and maintain the market’s most innovative technology solutions. At the same time, we offer support in a vast number of other areas where needs are greatest—from educating on the fundamentals to advising on how to build a strong creative vision. That’s why we’re so excited to be demonstrating, educating and collaborating at Call Center Week, the world’s largest Customer Experience event, taking place this week at The Mirage in Las Vegas.

You’ll find us in the—you guessed it—Innovation Lounge, where we’ll be offering solution demonstrations, theatre presentations and one-on-one CX briefings with customer engagement experts including Art Schoeller, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. Whether you’re looking to gain deeper business insight, learn about apps you can begin creating to amplify or differentiate your CX, or explore the future of technologies like IoT and AI, we’ve got you covered.

Learn more about CCW. And learn more from Avaya—we hope to see you at the Innovation Lounge.

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