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Use Data Analytics to Create Incredible Hotel Guest Experiences

It’s safe to say that organizations are getting serious about data analytics. Overall, nearly 60% agree that analytics improve the customer journey, with 41% currently using analytics to customize the customer experience (CX).

Not bad, but we can do better. In fact, we must. Personalized customer experiences, no matter how effective, mean nothing if they’re siloed within the end-to-end brand journey. Consumers use a variety of connected devices and channels to engage—they’re generating, consuming and sharing an exorbitant amount of data in the process (up to 2.5 quintillion bytes each day). It’s imperative that brands seamlessly share and analyze the data within each individual experience across the entire brand journey—that is, organization wide—to drive desired customer outcomes.

So, why is it that 64% of companies currently lack data analysis capabilities that combine data from all channels? Why do only 42% share customer intelligence data organization wide? When it comes to data analytics, there’s a clear gap both in organizational awareness and implementation that must be quickly closed. This is especially true for one of the most rapidly digitizing industries: hospitality.

Data-driven Innovation within Hospitality

There are more ways than ever for guests to interact and engage with hotels: sophisticated mobile apps, virtual concierges, interactive kiosks—and any number of intelligent, connected “things.” A new portfolio of advanced, data-driven solutions has reimagined the guest experience, and industry leaders are quick to get on board to drive revenue and competitiveness. Consider that 81% of hospitality managers are striving to create high-functioning mobile apps within the next five years, and 62% are leaning towards the development of smarter in-room communication hubs. These digital developments require a sophisticated level of data exchange to deliver value. Data isolation is simply not an option.

The bottom line is that hotels must be able to ubiquitously share customer knowledge to differentiate the guest experience. With data seamlessly existing across all teams, processes, and customer touch points, employees can track, share, and use relevant information in a way that truly delivers value.

Imagine, for example, a front desk worker seeing through the reservation system that a guest’s flight has been delayed an hour, so he sends an SMS informing the individual that his or her room will be held until arrival. Picture a housekeeping employee bypassing a room during her morning rounds after seeing through the CMS that the guest requested a late checkout due to a late-night concert. Consider an event planner preparing a virtual tour of a grand ballroom after seeing a series of live chat sessions in which a guest expressed concerns about décor and room size.

Making Data-rich Guest Experiences Your Standard

Data analytics are expected to drive the most enterprise change—but analytics are also perceived as the most complex of 21st century technologies. Nevertheless, organizational success largely depends on data integration and analysis. By implementing technology that is inherently built to support a smart digital world, hoteliers can begin sharing and analyzing data from virtually any source to build custom solutions that meet exact customer needs. Data collected across reservation systems, property management systems, call center systems, affinity programs, outside travel agencies and more can be analyzed to begin gaining a contextual visualization of the end-to-end customer journey.

It’s one thing to talk about data-driven guest experiences, but it’s another thing entirely to see them in action. Avaya will be attending HITEC 2017, the world’s largest hospitality technology show, to demo innovative products and solutions for hospitality leaders looking to transform their data analytics strategy. If you’re attending, stop by Booth # 2627 to see the power of intelligent data exchange or to pick our team’s brains. HITEC 2017 takes place June 26-29 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. 

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