Avaya StaffMay 31, 2017

The Power of Change

Change is bound to happen whether you enable it or not, whether you are ready for it or not. It will just happen. The question is: When change happens, are you making the most of the opportunities that result?

Consider the customer engagement or contact center industry as it’s commonly known. What’s driving tremendous change is digital transformation. It’s rare when two words can make such an impact in every company, worldwide, invoking an equal level of heightened fear and extreme optimism. This is a point in time for our industry that historians will look back on and point to as a revolution. For the contact center industry, it’s doubly impactful because not only do contact center companies need to transform themselves, they need to be innovating to enable all their customers and partners to transform as well.

As fate would have it, the biggest driver of enterprise-wide digital transformation is the need to transform how customers, companies and employees communicate. To meet a need of this magnitude takes vision coupled with the experience and expertise to execute the vision, to change the conversation.

At Avaya, we have that vision, experience and expertise. Since the beginning of the contact center industry we have been and are innovating communications tools and applications that enable business to get done at the speed of thought—true transformational change that meets the expectations of consumers and employees head on. The foundation of doing business at the speed of thought requires utilizing cloud, automation, and pervasive analytics to optimize communications: employee-to-employee, customer-to-company, machine-to-machine, machine-to-people, etc. requires the ability to change.

Recently a different type of change prompted a fresh conversation. Gartner published its Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure Worldwide. For the first time in 16 consecutive years, Gartner has decided that Avaya didn’t qualify to be in the leader’s quadrant due to its chapter 11 filing. Gartner has stated that this change has nothing to do with our solution capability, nothing to do with the Avaya’s operations.

Avaya remains the global market leader in contact center with 34% share, which is 14.5 points ahead of the No. 2 contact center company. Avaya is also still the leader, No.1, in all regions of the world.

We have signed more than 1,100 customer contracts since the chapter 11 filing through March 31, 2017. Furthermore, Gartner acknowledged that due to our innovation and investment in the Avaya Oceana™ Solution with its Avaya Breeze™ development platform, our vision is improved. With our continued Avaya Oceana and Avaya Breeze customer win announcements we are also demonstrating solid sales momentum of our omnichannel offering.

IDC recently observed that 2017 will be a landmark year for digital transformation. Companies are done kicking the tires. It’s time to take action now. They predict that this year we will see transformation happening more quickly than ever before, which is being demonstrated in the momentum we are seeing with Avaya Oceana. As an omnichannel contact center built on a development platform (which also becomes available to users to create their own personalized, highly scalable, cloud applications in just hours to days) Avaya Oceana is well positioned to become the transformation tool of choice.

There is no doubt that the industry is changing and digital transformation is the motivator. At Avaya, our CEO has a talk he gave to our sales teams at the beginning of the year called “From the Basement to the Boardroom.” He observes that due to the impact of digital transformation and the spotlight now on the importance of the contact center’s role in enterprise-wide transformation, no longer are contact center decisions relegated to the basement where all the hardware and data center gear traditionally resides.

Contact center decisions have now caught the attention of the c-suite: from the basement to the boardroom. The Chief Marketing Officer, Chief People Officer, Customer Experience Officer, Chief Product Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, etc. all have a vested interest in needing to transform how the company is communicating and collaborating in order to meet their individual and common business priorities. With the sophistication and complexity of how a contact center is designed to operate coupled with the detailed historical and real-time information that flows in and out of it, the level of importance of the contact center has raised significantly.

As a result, the contact center is quickly becoming the showcase for how to transform an entire organization. The importance of attribute routing to ensure the best person or team is engaged, the value of communicating across multiple channels, the benefit of maintaining real-time, historical, predictive and actionable analytics about each customer experience—these are just a few contact center capabilities that can be applied to other areas of the business to drive transformative efficiencies. The value of the information generated and maintained as a result of utilizing these capabilities, beyond the contact center, can change how an entire global organization is functioning for the better.  

When change happens are you making the most of the opportunities that result? For Avaya, I am proud to say that the answer has always been and will continue to be a resounding YES! Change is how we move forward. Having the foresight and the vision to see past today, past this week, past this month and see the bigger picture is how a leader embraces and affects change. Together with our customers, we are making the digital opportunity happen, and will continue.


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