Alex MisevskiApril 19, 2017

What Can Zang Workflow Do For Your Business?

In the increasingly competitive digital economy today, businesses of all sizes must provide personnel and customers alike with enterprise-grade communications enablement tools in order to gain market share. The modern consumer has come to expect large businesses to enrich their experience with a robust set of communications features, from intuitive IVR to in-app messaging.

But not all businesses have the vast pool of resources to operate like a global enterprise, even if that is the expectation of your employees and customers. As a result, many small- and medium-sized businesses have struggled to procure the tools to help them level the playing field when trying to stack up against the giants in their given industry.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce Workflow, the latest tool kit for Zang Cloud. We believe that communications enablement tools are a necessary part of any business leader’s toolbox—no matter which industry you’re in or how large your organization happens to be. Workflow brings the power of Avaya’s portfolio of services for the enterprise to a broader base of end-users.

Workflow is a drag-and-drop development tool that can greatly reduce your operating costs, streamline development and deployment of new applications and enable you to enhance your customer service capabilities.

Workflow was intuitively designed with you in mind: you won’t need a developer or any extensive coding experience to develop a new application or business process. Not only will this help you reduce your operating expenses as you design and test your application, but it will also help you deploy faster. These features were also designed for convenient scalability, so that your applications can grow as your business does.

While many CPaaS providers use similar tools, most come from a third party. Workflows was created for the convenience of the user, and is now included as a standard feature in Zang Cloud. As a Zang Cloud customer, that means all you need to do is open your browser, log into your Zang account, and get to work!

Workflow is ideal for a wide variety of business applications, ranging from sales enablement, to administration and call center customer service. Do you want to let your customers text you from within your app? Do you need to route phone calls to the right place more efficiently? Do you have a way to make it easier for people to connect with the notifications they want? You can do it all, and more, easier with Workflow.

And because it was based on Avaya’s enterprise-grade offerings, Workflow is a tool that comes from a proven environment. You won’t need to worry about the bugs and glitches that are common in early iterations of other solutions.

So what can Workflow do for your business? That all depends on where you want to go. But wherever that might be, Zang Workflow is ready to get you there. Click here to sign up or learn more.


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