Andy SteenMarch 02, 2017

As Avaya Stadium Turns Three, Avaya Kicks Up its Fantastic Fan Experience

I’ve always liked things in threes. Three stooges, Charlie’s Angels, the rule of three (suggests that when things come in threes, they are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers of things). And let’s not miss the fact that I have three kids. It’s no different when I think about the important technological evolution of Avaya Stadium, which is turning three years old.

When We Were One

Our inaugural year as Avaya Stadium launched the first cloud-enabled stadium in the MLS. We activated the fan engagement wall, created hi-def and slo-mo videos of your favorite players, and deployed the first incarnation of the Avaya Stadium mobile app.

When We Were Two

Last year we strengthened our partnership with the San Jose Earthquakes and deployed a new and improved version of the Avaya Stadium mobile app and fortified the in-stadium Wi-Fi for reliable connectivity across 6,000 concurrent users.

And Now We’re Three…

Now we are three and #BetterTogether. Our third season at Avaya Stadium is in its prime. We’ve had the opportunity to create, learn, and build on what it means to provide mobile-first, community-driven, immersive experiences throughout the stadium for you—the Soccer Fans!

  • Going 100% Ticketless

    We’re digitizing the sports experience by going ticketless! Powered by Avaya’s 21st century technology, the Quakes go 100% digital with tickets in 2017. The Quakes COO Jared Shawlee champions this change, saying, “Avaya provides an ecosystem that allows us to trust ticketless entry on every device.” Digital tickets are accessible anytime, anywhere through the mobile app. In-app access to tickets delivers effortless entry and exit through our front gates for season ticket holders and visitors alike.

    With the continuing shift in mobile, almost everything is done through a smartphone. Ticketless entry is the logical next step in digitizing the sports experience and keeping fans connected from the first touch point to well beyond the last point scored. But beyond digital tickets, we’ve focused on streamlining an all-inclusive app experience.

  • Introducing Avaya Stadium Mobile App 3.0!

    We listened to what you had to say and made some major enhancements that make the Avaya Stadium mobile app your go-to VIP Quakes experience.

    We’re pulling real-time stats and feeds straight from MLS to give you instant access to live and final scores for every match—as the game happens. Comprehensive post-game data is also available so you can keep your finger on the pulse of the team’s performance without having to leave the app.

    We’ve also compiled detailed player profiles that enable a virtual meet and greet to get you even more acquainted with your favorite Quakes players and new team members. See their personal bios, career statistics, and social media activity. These new in-app experiences bring you closer to the team. You can almost smell the grass, sweat, blood, and tears.

  • Building Fan Engagement Wall 3.0

    Our fan engagement wall has gone stadium-wide. This season we’re expanding the digital Quakes community across the stadium from the 7Up Epicenter to the Beers of the World—we’re going up, down, and all around. The technology powering the fan engagement wall will now be projected live to the scoreboard and into the suites. You can contribute to social community directly in the app, straight to the activity feed, and even send your posts to the digital installations around the stadium.

    Here’s your chance to get involved. Share your favorite game day moments with us by posting to Instagram and Twitter with #AvayaStadium and #Quakes74. Posts are added to the queue instantly and rotate around the digital signs for the duration of the game. It’s 360° of social.

    We’re serving up the latest game day information through a variety of templates that highlight club info, matchups, and of course exciting game day social chatter. It all contributes to the Quakes community that makes us proud to call Avaya Stadium home.

2 – 4 – 6 – 8 Who do we appreciate? You!

We’re so thankful for the continued support of the fans coming out to the stadium, posting to the fan engagement wall, and downloading the stadium mobile app. As we launch into year three, we resolve to continue creating innovative experiences with our mobile-first fan engagement technology, services, and solutions for your game day.

They say all the best things come in threes. The Quakes exhibit unity, devotion, and heritage. Avaya exhibits trust, innovation, and strength. But together we are even better. We’re using the past, present, and future to create the best in-league fan engagement environment.

We’re here all season so be sure to visit the Avaya Fan Engagement booth and let us know what you think as we go #ForwardAsOne. Talk, tweet, or tune in as we kick off a new season cheering on our hometown heroes. The San Jose Earthquakes take on the Montreal Impact at the opening match on March 4. See you there!

Avaya supports more than 70 stadiums and arenas across the world. Open our infographic to see who’s running on Avaya.

Andy Steen

Andrea "Andy" Steen specializes in leading internal and external strategic communication initiatives with an expertise in managing and developing high-performing communication teams and social, digital, mobile-led business solutions. She also leads Avaya's Sports Marketing Team. Follow her at @andydances.

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