Rob CarmichaelFebruary 06, 2017

Introducing Avaya Equinox™ Conferencing

For years Avaya technologies have pioneered new advancements in the conferencing world. Now Avaya Equinox™Conferencing takes that even further. In the past, Avaya Scopia Video Conferencing brought us countless innovations and industry firsts—including the ability to:

  • Join a meeting from any device by clicking/tapping a link. (No licenses to buy or CDs for wait for IT to deploy)
  • Join a meeting from anywhere (No firewall ports to open)
  • Join and control a meeting from an iPad/iPhone/Android (Participants joining on the move are no longer relegated to audio only, but are full equal members of the team able to be seen/heard and view the content being discussed)
  • Skip time-consuming roll calls (please state your name) because you can just see who’s on the meeting (both cameras and names in the list)
  • Let all participants review content previously shown without breaking the presenters flow (just hit back and even zoom if you need to)
  • Create meetings that involve all devices, locations, clients and protocols at once (PC/Tablet/Mobile/H.323/SIP/TiP/Lync/Audio)
  • Webcast a meeting using cutting edge HLS technology (which is both firewall friendly and rate adaptive)
  • Automatically discover a room system from your PC and present to it or transfer your meeting to it (ScreenLink and MobileLink)
  • Expand the use of advanced technologies to make mobile video a stable and high-quality experience no matter the network (H.264 SVC. High Profile and others)

For those lucky enough to experience Avaya Scopia, they often introduce it to their colleagues with these three words: “It just works!” Organisations like the Geneva University Hospital and Ticketmaster have been leveraging this to their advantage.

And now, we launch Equinox Conferencing, which continues the evolution of Conferencing with:

  • Meeting participation extended to include WebRTC participant (an evolving set of browser capabilities that mean no plugin is needed to participate)
  • An integrated portal that detects what browser or device you are on and connects you to the meeting (via WebRTC or native app, etc.)
  • Audio participation extended to thousands
  • All software deployment for key components (Allowing more scalability options up and down)
  • Automatic cloud provisioning for room systems (Allowing far faster deployment for IT and far richer services for cloud providers)
  • Room system control extended to iPhones as well as iPads
  • Stereo support on room systems (allowing an even greater sense of being there)
  • Integrated high-quality content Showing, Sharing and Whiteboarding (explain or collaborate, whatever’s needed)
  • UltraHD display support in the XT7100 room system (Allowing multiple 1080p images to be shown in their native resolution)
  • 265 support in embedded MCU of the XT7100 room system

Enterprise conferencing shouldn’t be a hassle. You should not have multiple platforms that don’t work together, where the business parts duplicate costs and are just difficult to organise. Instead, conferencing should be something that liberates time in your work day because everyone can communicate easily and effectively. Anywhere. Anytime.

For more details about Avaya Equinox, visit our site, or contact a local Avaya partner.

Rob Carmichael

A Consulting Sales Engineer for Avaya Equinox and UC, Carmichael has 20 years of experience in the ICT industry. He is a subject matter expert, and has worldwide sales rep experience, in conferencing and collaboration solutions.

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