The Zang Forget Me Not Service Is Here for the Holidays

The Zang Forget Me Not Service Is Here for the Holidays

We are doing it again! We are bringing back the Zang Forget Me Not service for the holidays– this time for a message from the North Pole. It’s the Zang Forget Me Not, Santa Edition. Just like what we did for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day [see also] earlier this year, a voice message can be recorded and scheduled, except this time the message would come from Santa or one of his helpers (aka: you or Uncle George or Grandpa, etc.), and go to children who are anxiously awaiting Santa’s impending visit.

And who wouldn’t want a message from Santa? I know my kids would! They’ve had their wish list for Santa ready since Halloween. There is actually a program in my community that sets aside a day in December for Santa volunteers to call children. Interested parents need to fill out a form that asks a slew of questions like child’s name, age, what they want for Christmas, names of siblings, names of pets and best time to call. Once completed, the next step would be to drop the form at “Santa’s HQ” –the community center that’s 12 miles away. Then a volunteer would call at the designated date and time.

Personally, I prefer to do everything online, and I know most busy parents do, too. So for the more autonomous do-it-your-selfers (like myself), I’m excited Zang is offering the Forget Me Not, Santa Edition. This way, I can set up a message in less than five minutes using a browser and my phone. Of course I would need to channel my best Mrs. Claus impression, but Grandpa or any of the kids’ uncles could easily set up a message posing as Santa.

How it works – go to, then:

  1. Enter your telephone phone number
  2. Enter recipient’s telephone number
  3. Pick the date and time you would like the recording to be delivered
  4. Zang Forget Me Not service will then call your phone number for you to record, review and approve your message for delivery.

Tip: I recommend drafting a quick script before setting up the message, especially if Grandpa or someone else calls to leave the message. As an example, here’s a basic script example:

Hello, this message is for Jack and Jill. This is Mrs. Claus from the North Pole. Santa is napping right now but he wanted me to make some calls to some special boys and girls to tell them he has some wonderful surprises planned for your presents this year. He knows you’ve both been wanting a Bat Mobile and a sled. You both have had wonderful behavior with great reports from Miss Anita at school. And the way you’ve been helping out with your chores after dinner and taking great care of your bikes, Santa has definitely noticed. Keep up the good work. Santa looks forward to his cookies on Christmas Eve!

Give it a try; it’s free. And It’s just one of the seemingly infinite ways to utilize the Zang Cloud communications platform as a service.