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TaCode Tuesdays: Missed Call Notification App

Welcome back to TaCode Tuesdays! This is the only place you can find snippets of code for use in your very own text/voice apps, along with a weekly dose of taco puns. I’m a developer here at Zang and not only am I a big fan of tacos (if that wasn’t already apparent), I’m also a fan of open source. My goal is to share a new app idea each week that you’re free to use “as is” or modify and use as the basis for your next app.
During the last two weeks, I outlined a two-factor authentication app for Android—you can check out PART 1 here and PART 2 here, and as always, if you’d like to learn how to get started on Zang, take a look at our very first post.
This week I’m going to kick off another multiple-part series that details how you can build an iOS chat application using the Swift programming language and Zang
Since Apple first released Swift two years ago, an estimated 59 percent of developer using Realm mobile database have adopted it. Only 39 percent still use iOS’ native programming language, Objective C. In addition, user adoption of Swift has increased dramatically – including developers from multi-national corporations who use Swift as the backbone of their critical enterprise applications. In fact, IBM created a variation of the language for Linux servers and Google is seriously pondering using Swift for Android applications, including Facebook and Uber.

Script 1:

    <Dial  action=”http://www.zang.io/data/inboundxml/f3a69defa61bdd7e9011630bbd861ce5f50646fa
method=”GET” ifMachine=’redirect’ ifMachineUrl=”http://www.zang.io/data/inboundxml/f3a69defa61bdd7e9011630bbd861ce5f50646fa” >XXXXXXXXXX</Dial>

Script 2:


 <Gather action=’http://www.zang.io/data/inboundxml/b2351f79e2ff3f20714957d4cae97c5868a316e5‘ method=’GET’ numDigits=’1′>  
<Say voice=’man’>Looks like Pedram is unavailable right now. If you want to notify him via text, please press 1.</Say>
Script 3:
      <Say voice=’man’>Thanks, Your message has been sent!</Say>
  <Sms from=”{{To}}” to=”14168450650“> Hi you have a missed call check your phone 

Now that you have a high-level view of how to build the app, let’s get to the specifics. Before you start building your chat application in Swift, there are some prerequisites:

  1. Familiarity with Swift programming language
  2. Access to a Zang Account for voice chat capability
  3. Apple Developer Account membership
  4. Familiarity with socket programming and JavaScript frameworks
  5. RESTful API Platform to provide two ways (inbound/outbound) of communication. In this case, Node.js and SMS/Voice services

This guide has two parts. The first part will show you how to create an iOS chat app using Node.js IP messaging and the second part will demonstrate how to build voice call and voice conference feature using Zang’s API. After you’ve completed these two main features you will have to integrate them to create an iOS app that is capable of both IP messaging and voice calls.
Well, that’s it for now! I’ll continue this tutorial in next week’s TaCode Tuesday. If you have any thoughts about the app or just want to share your own taco-related thoughts, you can comment below.

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