How to Create Automated Surveys Through Voice or SMS to Measure Customer Satisfaction

How to Create Automated Surveys Through Voice or SMS to Measure Customer Satisfaction

A recent study found that a satisfied customer tells nine people about the positive experience, while a dissatisfied one tells nearly twice as many people about their negative experience. Therefore, perfecting customer experience can do wonders in driving brand loyalty and consequently increasing revenues. Fortunately, developers can create an automated survey that can be answered over phone or SMS to enhance customer experience using Zang’s APIs.

How Automated Surveys Improve Customer Experience  

An automated survey is a great way of getting feedback and delivering unmatched customer experience. Here are just a few ways surveys can escalate customer satisfaction.

Listen to customers’ voice

Surveys allow you to listen to the voice of customers and benefit from their insights, and appropriately respond to their feedback. For example, if a customer is no longer able to receive push notifications after updating an app, carrying out a simple SMS survey can assist you know how to prevent such occurrences in future. Requesting customer feedback gives them the perception that their voice matters in the success of your product. And, if you implement their suggestions, they will feel valued and become loyal brand advocates.

Effectively gather feedback

Automated surveys through voice or SMS allow you to collect useful information instantly, accurately, and without incurring heavy expenses. Any time someone purchases your app and provides a phone number, you can solicit and collect feedback. With SMS surveys, you are guaranteed extensive reach. In fact, the SMS open rate is 98 percent, which is four times higher than email. Additionally, most of the text messages will be read within the first three minutes of being sent.

Using automated SMS, you are likely to reduce survey costs. With Zang’s APIs, responses will be processed automatically, and results are available whenever you need them. There’s no need to spend additional time and resources feeding the information into a database, or making other upfront investments.

Improve customer retention

Receiving real-time feedback on what your app users think you’re doing well gives the impetus to perfect service delivery. On the other hand, understanding your pitfalls from a customers’ viewpoint is a good opportunity to seal the loopholes and focus on improved customer fulfillment.

Presently, app stores are crowded with millions of apps, and an unsatisfied user can easily download a competitor’s app. However, with automatic surveys, you can improve user retention by reinforcing the app’s positive features and addressing its drawbacks. Moreover, you can improve app retention by carefully designing the surveys to include things customers may not know, or reminding them about the improvements in your app. This is creative since customers tend to read surveys more thoroughly than other messages.

Effectively measure and analyze data

The best decisions to catapult your brand to higher heights are based on data, not hunches. And, using automatic surveys to collect real insight about how users really feel about your application is the best way of getting quick, actionable data, which can easily be measured and analyzed.

Automated SMS and voice surveys are good ways of measuring customer experience. Using rating-based surveys, you can gauge whether your application is meeting or surpassing customers’ needs. Furthermore, you can analyze the data to spot trends in customers’ feedback, and benefit from the wisdom of the masses. This way, the trends can assist you maintain a competitive edge, and significantly increase revenues.  

Reduce customer burnout

Voice or SMS automatic surveys are an un-obstructive method of getting feedback from customers. Sending surveys through other traditional communication methods can result in customer burnout, which can hurt customer satisfaction scores. However, by exploiting the current popularity of smartphones, SMS surveys are very convenient. Customers can decide to respond to the surveys whenever and wherever is most suitable to them; be it in the car traveling, during lunch time at work, or while at home relaxing in the evening.

How Automated Surveys Work

With Zang’s APIs, you can create and send-out automated surveys through SMS and/or automated voice calls to effectively gather feedback. Here is a simple process on how it works.

1.  Survey initiation

The process is initiated when a customer receives a call or text from the survey phone number. Thereafter, you’ll not need to do anything, as everything will be completed seamlessly on the telecom side.

2.  Zang directs the call or text to your application

Zang gets the voice or SMS input and makes an HTTP request to your application.  

3.  Your application responds to Zang

Your application responds with instructions on what to do next; such as, prompt the customer to press a digit, record the call, or play a message for the customer.

4.  The process enters a loop

After every survey question, Zang makes another request to your application with the customer’s input. Your application will return a response to Zang with instructions to either proceed with the questions or terminate the survey. Also, your application will process and store the customer’s input in a database, which can be retrieved easily for analysis.

Listen to Your Customers

Automated surveys can assist you in enhancing your customer’s experience by effectively listening to customers’ voice, gathering feedback, improving customer retention, analyzing data, and reducing customer burnout. With Zang’s APIs, you can create powerful surveys to effectively measure customer satisfaction, drive brand loyalty, and, ultimately, increase revenues. For more tips on how you can use Zang to increase customer satisfaction, check out this case study.

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