IAUG (the International Avaya Users Group) offers plenty of opportunities for professional growth.

Advance Your Career—Put the “You” in IAUG

Paula Brown Hackett
Paula Brown Hackett is a member of IAUG and a Senior IT Manager, Enterprise Networks for McMaster University.

Whether it’s at Avaya ENGAGE, a local IAUG meeting, or online, there are always opportunities to network with IAUG members who share similar experiences and business challenges. For example, at Avaya ENGAGE, attendees come from all over the world, which provides a global perspective on the same experiences and promotes collaboration and empowerment among our members. Members like me are always happy to share our learnings and success stories at IAUG chapter meetings, Avaya ENGAGE, and online.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my time as a member of IAUG—the International Avaya Users Group—it’s that there so many opportunities for growth. Members hone their leadership and presentation skills by presenting at chapter meetings and larger conferences such as the upcoming February 2017 Avaya ENGAGE. You can exchange stories and share tips formally or informally with a large audience or a small group. Participating on the IAUG board also helps to prepare members for future leadership positions and career advancement. These experiences boost their profiles within their companies, which can lead to opportunities for advancement.

One of the most anticipated benefits of membership is Avaya ENGAGE. This is not just a conference for IAUG members. Many Avaya employees, customers and partners also attend to learn about the latest Avaya products, solutions, and news. It’s a unique opportunity to gain information and connect with technical minds, and share ideas with Avaya senior executives about how to make Avaya products work even better for all.

Whether it’s to network with other Avaya users around the world, or just stay on top of the latest product developments—and maybe even have a hand in promoting new and needed improvements, IAUG can help. Come join IAUG, and don’t forget to meet us at Avaya ENGAGE in February 2017 to see for yourself what IAUG members are doing to stay current and advance their careers.


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