Replace the Landline & Develop a Softphone Using Cloud-Based VoIP

Replace the Landline & Develop a Softphone Using Cloud-Based VoIP

A softphone (short form for software telephone) refers to an application program that facilitates Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone calls via computing systems.
Initially introduced for commercial purposes in the 1990s, softphone technology has continued to improve, and is now popular around the world, especially among call centers requiring efficient and cost-effective communication methods. In fact, according the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 15 percent of all businesses in the country use VoIP services.

Here are some reasons why you should replace the landline and develop a softphone using cloud-based VoIP.

Cost Savings

The most attractive benefit of replacing landlines with an application built through PaaS VoIP and cloud hosting is its massive cost-savings potential. Setting up traditional landlines is expensive, reconfiguring the settings could be time consuming, and carrying out maintenance and repairs comes with hefty expenses.
On the other hand, with a softphone application, you will not only save on installation and maintenance costs but you’ll also save on making less expensive calls. A VoIP softphone significantly reduces expenses for equipment, lines, work force, and maintenance.
Since a company’s voice and data traffic is integrated into a single cohesive physical network, setting up and monitoring only one network considerably cuts costs. You won’t need to have different teams manage your data network and voice network separately.
Furthermore, most cloud-based VoIP solutions have flexible monthly payment models, instead of a fee based on the number of minutes spent on the phone. This way, you can reduce the costs of subscription or usage, particularly for long distance and international calls.
Since VoIP services do not need to maintain an extensive and costly wire infrastructure that landlines rely on, they’re able to provide long distance calls at greatly discounted prices. Therefore, even though there is a substantial initial setup cost, replacing the landline with a softphone results in significant net savings.
It is estimated that businesses that use VoIP services cut their local communication expenses by up to 40 percent and reduce costs by up to 90 percent on international calls.

Ease of Use

The ease of use provided by the VoIP telephone system is incredible, which could be the main reason why the global consumer VoIP traffic has grown from 147 petabytes per month in 2011 to 158 petabytes per month in 2016. A free softphone web application is easy to install, use, and troubleshoot.
Installing a VoIP softphone service does not require extensive technical expertise. More so, you won’t need the complicated tech support that a landline requires. If a landline fails to function, diagnosing and fixing the issues in hundreds of physical wires is usually frustrating and difficult. Conversely, cloud-based solutions are usually very user-friendly, and with an appropriate network, optimal performance is guaranteed at all times.If you develop a softphone, you will also benefit from the scalability of VoIP services. Unlike a traditional phone system, VoIP scales upwards or downwards easily. It is usually tricky to forecast the number of phones you will require over the next six months. More so, if you have a landline, you will need to make accurate predictions to evade unnecessary expenses on phone lines you won’t use in the future.
All these hassles go away when you ditch your landline. With a softphone for your business, you can easily add or remove other lines whenever new employees are hired or fired. This ensures you have the correct number of phone lines for your requirements.
Another major advantage of VoIP is increase in mobility. Traditional phones normally assign a phone number with a dedicated line. As such, using the same phone number in a different place or when travelling is not easy. However, VoIP cloud hosting services provide phone number mobility.
With a reliable internet connection anywhere in the world, you can log in to a free softphone application, even on a mobile device, and use the same phone number. VoIP services enable you enjoy business as usual, especially if you have employees working remotely or in different locations.

Enhanced Features

A VoIP softphone offers a number of enhanced features to guarantee quality and engaging communications. All of the features in traditional phones are available on VoIP softphones, including call transfer, call waiting, call forwarding, faxing, and conference calling.
However, with VoIP telephone services, the features are improved and don’t come with extra charges. For example, VoIP enables improved video conferencing capabilities, and the ability to send documents over the internet while concurrently talking on the phone.
In addition, other VoIP features include availability of voicemail that can be checked in multiple places via email and the ability to easily change features such as phone numbers and include presence information (online, offline).
These enhanced features are rarely found on landlines. The traditional infrastructure is not built for them, and it cannot comfortably accommodate the immense amounts of information present in our increasingly digital and data-centered world.
Cloud hosting VoIP systems also allow for integration and corporation with other online business applications. This ability to integrate with other services, such as email clients, browsers, and social networking platforms, produces synergy and offers useful services to users. Notable examples include click-to-call feature on websites and placing outbound calls on an email.

Another important feature of cloud-based VoIP services is lack of geographical limitations. With some VoIP services, your area code or country code become virtualized, and not restricted to a particular geographical area. For instance, you could run a call center business in Australia but subscribe to a U.S. phone number, which allows you to make inexpensive domestic calls to the U.S. even though you’re operating in Australia. With Zang, you can even mask your phone number by creating your very own caller ID.


Softphone technology provides a user-friendly, feature-rich, and efficient solution for businesses looking for a cost-effective VoIP telephone service. Although it has few drawbacks such as total dependency on internet connection and the inability to make emergency calls properly, the technology is rapidly expanding and replacing the inefficient landlines.
For call centers, softphones reduce costs on communication, while offering robust opportunity for enhanced mobility, corporation, and productivity. Consequently, funds normally spent on traditional phone bills can be redirected to propel the growth of other aspects of your business. With so many benefits, why would you still use an outdated landline infrastructure?
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