Giving Avaya Channel Partners the Edge for Success

Giving Avaya Channel Partners the Edge for Success

Since joining Avaya 14 months ago, I’ve been working closely with our channel partners and distributors to ensure we’re in lockstep when it comes to our strategy for mutual profitability and growth. Together we agree that in order to succeed, we must provide our customers with flexible, integrated solutions and services that help them address the business needs in today’s digital marketplace.

Over the last eight months, Avaya has launched several powerful, innovative solutions—including Avaya Breeze™ Platform, Avaya Oceana™ Solution, and Avaya Equinox™ Experience—that can help businesses understand, predict and respond to their ever-evolving customer needs. By selling Avaya solutions, our channel partners can take full advantage of this growing market by positioning themselves as providers of game-changing solutions that take customer experience to a whole new level.

Another area where Avaya and our channel partners have combined efforts is through our persistent focus on customer satisfaction. This extra attention has garnered amazing results. Avaya’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) has risen to an outstanding 58—up nearly 40 points since 2011—reflecting our increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. And we’re not the only ones impressed by this achievement. Read the recent article in The Harvard Business Review.

On 1 November, we launched our new channel partner program Avaya EdgeSM. This new program will improve the rewards our partners receive for adopting our new solutions and delivering exceptional customer value. It will also better equip them to thrive in today’s software and services industry by ensuring they possess the expertise required to provide the transformative solutions businesses need in today’s digital marketplace.

Avaya Edge’s simplified structure takes less time for partners to manage, streamlines program requirements, rewards their solution expertise, and accelerates their path to discounts. By assigning partners one of three new gem levels—Diamond, Sapphire, or Emerald—and go-to-market tracks, partners can better differentiate themselves through their expertise, and customers will have a better understanding of the value they can expect to receive.

To ensure this transition does not negatively impact any of our partners, each has been evaluated under both the new and previous program (Avaya Connect), and will be assigned the higher designation level earned. They will maintain that level for the first six months.

The Avaya Edge partner program enables our partners to thrive in the software and services market, by providing solutions and service that accommodate virtually the entire spectrum of business demands. With our unparalleled solutions, relentless customer focus and new partner program, now is absolutely the best time to be a partner with Avaya!