Zang Partner Helps Call Centers Increase Customer Satisfaction: Here’s How You Can, Too

Zang Partner Helps Call Centers Increase Customer Satisfaction: Here’s How You Can, Too

Zang provides a robust cloud-based communication platform for creating voice and SMS applications for computers, mobile devices, online services, or integration into the traditional phone systems. Many different industries trust Zang, including call centers, to assist them in seamlessly incorporating real-time communications into their applications while increasing customer engagement.
With Zang, developers can perfectly integrate high quality communications into their apps and enable companies to make personalized, customer-focused communications possible, which previously could have been impossible to achieve.

Partner Showcase: Fonolo

Fonolo is trusted by a growing list of companies for delivering high quality cloud-based call center solutions for transformational customer engagement. Fonolo has partnered with Zang to provide pioneering products that enhance the manner call centers engage with their callers through flawlessly replacing hold-time with a call-back feature, regardless of where the communication starts—online, mobile, or phone.
Fonolo has built a rich and interactive SMS functionality that provides companies with visual dialing and virtual queuing services that enables customers to be kept up-to-date with the progress of their issues, making use of Zang’s advanced SMS API.
Furthermore, to assist companies in transforming customer interactions and achieving effective call center management, Fonolo builds groundbreaking technologies that effectively improve the way business is done. Eventually, companies should able to reduce abandon rates, lower spikes in call-volume, decrease costs, and, most importantly, improve customer satisfaction.
Fonolo has created a cloud-based technology that conveniently integrates with call centers and assists them in improving customer experience. Through its partnership with Zang, Fonolo has shown pioneering leadership in the core areas that are pivotal to the future of developing agile call center applications in the contact center industry.

How to Use Zang to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Currently, businesses are under an increasing pressure to offer better customer experiences; otherwise, they will be unable to compete effectively in the marketplace. More so, efficient communication is becoming a vital aspect of any company that wants to provide an excellent customer care experience.
Fonolo has partnered with Zang to develop call center applications to increase customer satisfaction. Here are some tips and advice you can use to enhance the experience of your customers.

1.  Use Zang to Connect with Customers

In today’s digital age, customer service is no longer about face-to-face communication where a happy sales representative tries to convince a dissatisfied customer to give them another try.
It is estimated that billions of smartphone users have installed more than 350 billion apps. And, they spend close to 80% of their time on those devices. So, it goes without saying that the best game-changer in customer service is now mobile applications.
Zang provides you with an easy way to create applications and connect better with customers. Particularly, Zang allows you to integrate your app with texting functionality easily and quickly. With SMS messages, you’ll cement relationships with customers and boost the conversion rate of your products. In fact, text messages have an extraordinary open rate of 98 percent, which cannot be matched by any other marketing tool.
Therefore, Zang will enable you make the most of SMS messages and increase the engagement with your customers, especially if you want to take your call center management to the next level.

2.  Use Zang to Make Yourself More Approachable

Mobile devices establish a bridge between the physical and the digital experience, which reduces the distance between customers and businesses.
Regardless of the vastness of information and product details you include in your mobile application, customers usually like the opportunity to talk to real people and get prompt assistance with their issues. For example, if you include the power of voice into your call center applications and allow customers to contact you just by tapping an icon on their mobile screens, it can have a remarkable impact on their overall sentiment towards your business. Ultimately, you’ll offer a better experience and expel customer disappointments from your business.
Zang allows you to incorporate this killer add-on to your apps! With Zang, you’ll be able to add interactive voice service to your apps and increase customer satisfaction by enabling your users to communicate comfortably on a more personalized level.

3.  Use Zang to Make Things More Convenient

Convenience is an essential ingredient in the soup of customer experience—without it, your brand will not be providing the taste customers like. Importantly, customers are developing a bias towards businesses that give convenience in the way they want—and not the other way around.
Zang understands that customers need convenience on their terms, not yours. As such, Zang offers robust communication platforms and call center solutions that allow you to send and receive calls from any part of the world, using local phone numbers.
Furthermore, you will also have other convenience-advancing tools to enable you set customer caller IDs, track calls, use background audio during calls, and even improve your call center management by modifying your voice to suit customer preferences.

4.  Use Zang to Build a Stronger Brand

Maintaining a regular interaction with customers increases their satisfaction and propels the strength of your brand. Particularly, with a Zang powered mobile app, you will command a strong presence in your industry.
Rather than restricting your engagements within your headquarters in some faraway city, you can establish your presence in your customers’ pockets. Your logo will be automatically placed on the screens of their mobile devices. Eventually, maintaining communication and relationship with them will foster trust. And, if your customers trust you, they are likely to buy your products and even commit to your brand long-term.
With Zang, you will be able to purchase local, toll-free phone numbers and build them into applications that can increase interaction with your customers. More so, you will only pay for what you use, and nothing more! This way, you will effectively demonstrate to your app users why they should trust your brand to bring them the satisfaction they need.

Improve Relationships with Zang

Business revolves around reciprocation. If your products and services make customers satisfied, they will readily open their wallets and give you their money.
A recent study revealed that more than 70 percentof customers who end business relationships make that decision due to poor customer experience. And, mobile apps are increasingly becoming essential communications tools for enhancing customer satisfaction and luring them to make those wallet-opening moves.
Zang makes it easier than ever before to embed effective communication channels into your app or online service and improve customer relationships, regardless of your core products or industry. Do you want to achieve increased customer satisfaction with your applications, just like Fonolo? Then, Zang it!

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