Avaya Video – Writing Advanced Avaya Breeze Snap-ins - Part Five

Advanced Techniques for Writing Avaya Breeze Snap-ins Using Engagement Designer—Part Five

All things good and bad must come to an end and so it is with both sadness and relief that I am closing out my series of Advanced Avaya Breeze™ videos.

Combined with my series of introductory videos, I’ve shown you how to create Avaya Snap-ins that process calls, emails, and SMS text messages. I’ve reached out to cloud services from Snap-ins and invoked Snap-ins from cloud services. I’ve created Snap-ins with decision logic, voice announcements, and JavaScript functions.

As a fitting end to my video tutorials, I will now show you how to debug your Snap-ins. It would be great if everything worked exactly as it should, but as we all know, Murphy has a way of stepping in and turning success into frustration and embarrassment. By using the many debugging tools that Breeze supports, Snap-in developers can catch and fix mistakes well before they manifest themselves in production.

To start viewing my videos from the beginning watch the introductory series.

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