Video - An Introduction to Avaya Breeze – Events and Remote Invocation

Writing Avaya Breeze Snap-Ins Using Engagement Designer — Part Six

Welcome to “An Introduction to Avaya Breeze Events,” the final installment in my introductory series of videos exploring Avaya Breeze™ from a development point of view.

My first three videos showed you how to create a simple Snap-in that made a call, played an announcement, collected a DTMF digit, and took action based on that digit. In Part 4 you saw how to intercept and process an incoming call. In Part 5 I presented the basics of cloud services integration.

In this video I tackle Breeze Events and extend the cloud discussion by showing you how web services can be used to invoke a Snap-in. This remote invocation is exactly what Jean Turgeon is speaking of in Enabling Smart Vertical Solutions in a Smart Digital World. This is where the rubber hits the road with Avaya Breeze.

The video series:

Part 1: Avaya Breeze Basics

Part 2: Avaya Breeze Workflow Properties

Part 3: Avaya Breeze Prompts and Gateways

Part 4: Avaya Breeze Call Intercept

Part 5: Web Services

Part 6: Snap-In Events and Remote Invocation


Andrew Prokop is the Director of Vertical Industries at Arrow Systems Integration. Andrew is an active blogger and his widely-read blog, SIP Adventures, discusses every imaginable topic in the world of unified communications. Follow Andrew on Twitter at @ajprokop, and read his blog, SIP Adventures.

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