Communication-Enablement with Zang for Smart Business Applications

The Key to Communication Enablement for Smart Business Applications

It’s undeniable: the cloud has revolutionized the enterprise with a more cost-effective and flexible solution that’s proven to drive more positive business outcomes. In fact, cloud services for IT infrastructure and applications is set to peak at $230 billion by 2019.

So, what is driving this continued market growth? How exactly are cloud services and applications transforming business? If you ask me, this can be answered in two words: communication enablement. In short, this means enabling any process, task, application or conversation at any given time within your business—right out of the cloud. This innovative capability allows businesses to deliver customized communications experiences like never seen before.

In a new Avaya video, I had the opportunity to elaborate on communication enablement, as well as what we are doing to help businesses better build applications that communication-enable critical processes and workflows.

As a business owner, think about the many processes you can communication-enable. Even in your personal life, imagine how you can benefit from more customized communications experiences. Imagine, for example, being able to start a video chat session with a doctor on the fly in order to hear the diagnosis of your father from 3,000 miles away.

In today’s smart, digital world, we are witnessing more experiences becoming custom-tailored to a specific company, team—even a specific individual. Leading businesses understand this need to deliver customized communications experiences among employees, partners, and customers. Doing so, however, is easier said than done.

So many companies today are still searching for a truly simple way to build new apps in order to communication-enable workflow functions. This is why now is the right time for Zang, a 100% cloud-based communication platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) solution that allows businesses to build communication applications in such a way that they suit their exact needs—whatever they may be—with a strong underlying focus on simplicity and ease of use.

Zang stresses open APIs to make application development as simple as possible for anyone, anywhere. The solution offers easy-to-use drag and drop tools, pre-built apps and security, and simple SDKs to enable rapid app deployment and, in turn, the ability to continually customize and reimagine the communications experience.

With nearly 80% of IT teams currently developing apps for customers, partners and employees, it’s not hard to see how businesses can benefit from Zang. The key to delivering an extraordinary communications experience that meets specific use cases is to simplify the way applications are built. Due to its simple nature, Zang is being strategically leveraged by businesses to solve very specific problems that are occurring within their walls. For example, using Zang, a company using Salesforce can build a virtual meeting room in real time that connects to the solution. This can allow users to immediately begin setting up and executing a campaign during the meeting.

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