TaCode Tuesdays: Let's Create a Simple Voicemail App!

TaCode Tuesdays: Let’s Create a Simple Voicemail App!

Welcome back to TaCode Tuesdays! This is the only place you can find snippets of code for use in your very own text/voice apps, along with a weekly dose of taco puns. I’m a developer here at Zang and not only am I a big fan of tacos (if that wasn’t already apparent), I’m also a fan of open source. My goal is to share a new app idea each week that you’re free to use “as is” or modify and use as the basis for your next app—no coding ability required.
Last week, I outlined a piece of code for creating a call forwarding app—you can check that out here, and as always, if you’d like to learn how to get started on Zang, take a look at our very first post.
This week I’m going to detail how you can create your very own voicemail application. The point of this app is to record incoming voice messages if you happen to be away from your office or deskphone. This app is a great alternative for anyone that doesn’t want to buy an expensive and complicated voicemail system, especially when you could do with a much simpler option.
A perfect example of where to use this voicemail app is for when you’re away from your office phone. Last week, I outlined an app that could forward calls from your office phone to your cellphone, but what if you’re on vacation or don’t want to bothered with after-hours calls? Well, this voicemail app greets a caller and gives them an opportunity to record a message without you having to intervene.
But before I move on to the app, below you’ll find your taco tip for the week.

This week’s taco tip is: consider using tequila in your next batch of ground beef or salsa.
You might be familiar with using wine in your cooking. Well, tequila isn’t too different than cooking with wine or any other liquor. Tequila pairs quite well with mint, cilantro, and citrus, but it is strong, so you just have to experiment and find the right balance.

Let’s Taco ’Bout the App

You’ll need to have a Zang number in order for the app to work. If you’d like to learn how to set up your Zang number and the document that’ll house the code, check out our first ever post.
So, before we start, here’s how the app works:

  1. A person calls your Zang number.
  2. The call is directed to your Zang voicemail and plays a voice prompt.
  3. The caller then records their message.

It’s important to point out that the voicemail will be recorded and stored under your Zang account. More specifically, you’ll find any recordings under “Logs” then “Recordings.” In addition, the voice greeting can be altered to whatever you’d like by simply changing the greeting within the code.
With that out of the way, let’s call our document “Voicemail” and get into the code:

    <Say voice=”man” language=”en-gb”>Please record your message after the beep. You can hangup When you are finished.</Say>
         <Record method=’GET’

So, that’s it! A super, simple voicemail app that gets the job done. If you’d like more info on our recording capability, check out our documentation—that should give you some ideas on how to expand on what we’ve just made.
Again, if you’d like to learn how to get this fully functionality, then read our first blog post here. It outlines some additional steps that you’ll have to perform after you get these documents created.

Well, that’s it for this week! If you have any thoughts about the app or just want to share your own taco-related thoughts, you can comment below. If you want a reminder, sign up to get notifications of new blog posts. I’ll be back next week with a new post of “TaCode Tuesday,” where I’ll be highlighting even more free code and apps.

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