TaCode Tuesdays: Free Conference Call Application

TaCode Tuesdays: Free Conference Call Application

Welcome back to TaCode Tuesdays! This is the only place you can find snippets of code for use in your very own text/voice apps, along with a weekly dose of taco puns. I’m a developer here at Zang and not only am I a big fan of tacos (if that wasn’t already apparent), I’m also a fan of open source. My goal is to share a new app idea each week that you’re free to use “as is” or modify and use as the basis for your next app—no coding ability required.
Last week I outlined a piece of code that enables you to send SMS messages (or texts)—you can check that out here, and as always, if you’d like to learn how to get started on Zang, take a look at our very first post.
This week I’m going to detail a conference call application. It will enable you and up to 9 other individuals to chat together in the same virtual conference room. It’s a simple alternative for anyone that doesn’t want to have to purchase a complex conferencing product, when all you need is some basic functionality. We’ll even add a few interesting elements to the code that you can take “as is” or modify to switch it up a bit.
But before I move on to the code, below you’ll find your taco tip for the week.

This week’s taco tip is actually a little announcement. At Zang, we’re working on a browser-based, team collaboration tool that centralizes voice, video, messaging, sharing, and task management into one place.
It’s called ‘Spaces’ and we made a video that you should check out…and yes, we found a way to include tacos in the video!

Everything Happens in Spaces – VIDEO

Let’s Taco ’Bout the App

You’ll need to have a Zang number in order for the app to work. If you’d like to learn how to set up your Zang number and the two documents that’ll house the code, check out our first ever post.
So, before we start, here’s how the app works:

  1. When you’d like to host a conference, have your participants call into your Zang number…that’s it!

Let’s begin with creating a document called “Conference Call App”—we’ll host the first part of our app here. It’s important to point out that with the ‘record’ action, the conference call will be recorded and stored under your Zang account. More specifically, you’ll find any recordings under “Logs” then “Recordings.” Also, in order to change the wait music, you will have to remove the Public URL of the document we have provided and add the Public URL of your own unique ‘wait music’ script.

                stayAlone=”false” <!–The conference will not begin when only 1 participant is connected–>
                beep=”true” <!–This will play a beep when a caller enters the conference–>
                record=”true” <!–This will record the conference under your Logs–>
                hangupOnStar = “true” <!–This enables a user to hang up via the star key–>
                waitSound=”http://www.zang.io/data/inboundxml/2e01d39a2d9e3a2999cd42075302a9b5cbece897” <!–Wait music Public URL–>
                maxParticipants=”10″>Your New Conference <!–Maximum participants cannot exceed 40–>
You’ll find the second part below. This script controls the music that plays while the 1st person waits for others to join. If you’d like to modify it, you’ll have to replace the MP3 link with your own hosted MP3 link and change the Public URL found in the first document after ‘waitSound’ to the Public URL of your unique document.


     <Play loop=”3″>
                 http://zanglabs.azurewebsites.net/audio/Inspired.mp3 <!–Replace link with your own hosted MP3 file–>



There you have it! A simple, useful conference calling app. If you’d like more info on our conferencing capability, check out our documentation—that should give you some ideas on how to expand upon it, then add it to your application.
Again, if you’d like to learn how to get this fully functionality, then check out our first blog post here. It outlines some additional steps that you’ll have to perform.
Well, that’s it for this week! If you have any thoughts about the app or just want to share your own taco-related thoughts, you can comment below. If you want a reminder, sign up to get notifications of new blog posts. I’ll be back next week with a new post of “TaCode Tuesday,” where I’ll be highlighting even more free code and apps.

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