It’s a smart digital world.

It’s a smart digital world. Let’s build it together.

Technology advances are changing our world dramatically … at lightning speed. Today, we live in a world of endless possibilities, one where connections are made in a second and access to all the content we could ever imagine is at our fingertips, 24/7. In a new Avaya video, I have the privilege of explaining the Smart Digital World and what we’re doing to embrace and shape our digital future.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt a pull towards technology. As a kid, I was a tinkerer. I worked in my mother’s 5-10-15 (what we’d call a dollar store today) and, occasionally, if I did my job well, she’d let me pick out a toy. But I was never content to just play with the toy. No, I needed to know how it worked, which meant taking it apart and putting it back together again.

I still love taking things apart, but now I’m compelled to figure out how to make them better. Couple this with my love for sports and activities that get the adrenaline flowing, and it should come as no surprise I’m in the most exciting industry today, one that moves and changes at the speed of light and breathes life into smart technologies people could hardly imagine even five years ago, let alone 10 or 20!

Of course, every organization, across every industry, is now coping with how to keep up not only with technology changes, but also with changing business needs. Companies need to be able to adapt quickly … seamlessly … smartly … to meet the needs of their customers.

The digitalization of organizations is a global reality, and it’s giving rise to more unique, industry-specific needs than ever before. That’s what makes this the right time for the Avaya Smart Digital World, a framework for smart vertical solutions. It’s all based on a secure and automated foundation with the SDN FxTM architecture together with the agility of our Avaya BreezeTM platform—a perfect environment for productive tinkering. This combination gives organizations in virtually any industry the power to quickly and easily deliver better experiences and better outcomes for end users—for more efficient and effective patient care, for faster emergency response that saves more lives, for a more engaging and safer learning experience. I recently discussed an exciting vision for the smart campus in a Huffington Post blog.

My adrenaline still gets pumping every time I get to talk about this with customers and see their reactions as they realize that the possibilities for customer experience are limited only by the imagination. No other competitors can do for businesses what we do today.

It’s a smart digital world. Let’s build it together.