Video Conferencing

Americans: Fight Political Gridlock—of the Vehicular Kind—with Free Video Conferencing from Avaya

With the Republican National Convention this week and Democratic National Convention next week, Republicans and Democrats have found a common thread: unintentionally disrupting the working men and women’s work week in Cleveland and Philadelphia.

While security clamps down with a five-mile perimeter around the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland and the Wells Fargo Convention Center in Philadelphia, office workers are having to deal with their own politically-caused gridlock by finding alternatives to getting work done in the office.

Never fear, Red America and Blue America. Business communications expert Avaya can help: Avaya is offering a free two-week trial of its Scopia® Video Conferencing solution at #freeSCOPIAtrial. With several years of experience helping businesses develop comprehensive recovery strategies and communication plans to overcome natural disasters and other emergencies, helping office workers connect during the RNC and DNC is a cakewalk for Avaya.

As an aside, Avaya was just named a major player in the Worldwide Enterprise Videoconferencing space by IDC!

So, for all of those Clevelanders and Philadelphians worried about missing work during the conventions, help is here. Democrats and Republicans can all celebrate—two weeks of free video conferencing from Avaya. Or, if you’re just curious what it would be like to conduct meetings with colleagues via video, give it a try for two weeks—you don’t have to live in Cleveland or Philly.