Let Zang Turn Your Trapped Data Into Business Insights

Let Zang Turn Your Trapped Data Into Business Insights

The idea of using data to transform your business is often talked about but less often achieved. The hype surrounding “big data” and its big promises is exciting in theory, but disappointing in reality. There are obstacles at all stages—from storing large amounts of data to accessing it to understanding it and then applying those understandings; the process is complex to say the least.

It may be a jungle out there, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Incredible value is hidden in every company’s various information sources, much of it only now starting to be realized. Companies that are successful in identifying their most promising sources of information, gathering and analyzing the associated data and using the observations to drive future changes have a huge advantage over their competitors. Not only do the resulting insights help them to operate more efficiently, they also give them the upper hand in providing superior service for their customers.

Communications processes are one such information source, both external and internal. Customer communications are a literal gold mine of useful data. Customer purchase history, trends, behavior and preferences all tell us more about the buying journey and provide opportunities to better target customers and elevate our service level. Customer service is a way of differentiating your business, and big data holds the key.

Internal communication processes are equally meaningful. The typical large business has internal boundaries that are rarely crossed. Teams work independently of one another and have different tasks and priorities. This siloed structure works wonders for single-task efficiency, but does little for informed decision-making and innovation.

At Zang, we can help you leverage your everyday communication processes and transform them into business insights. Our applications-as-a-service platform allows you to easily develop custom communication solutions that better connect you and your team—and you and your customers—as well as gather actionable data to positively impact your business.

For example, a retail business that’s experiencing an unusually high number of product returns could, using Zang, create an app that begins recording a phone interaction at the sound of the word “return” and archives the relevant messages. An analysis of the archived recordings would offer immediate insight into why items are being returned. A simple Zang tool incorporated into your app makes the recording possible—without any specialized knowledge of telecommunication systems on your part. Similar functionality can be built into SMS messages.

Zang’s laundry list of communication-enabling tools can also be used to advance internal communication processes. Think, for example, about one of your business clients. At this moment, numerous people and departments—marketing, sales, production—are likely working on something having to do with this client. You may also have people working across numerous business locations, maybe even a small army of people working from home, some of whom may also be involved with the same client.

There’s no “water cooler” equivalent in this kind of environment; in fact, chances are that most of those people have no idea about their co-workers’ interactions with the client. They may be working at cross-purposes, or missing out on information that could be valuable to accomplishing their own goals.

While your employees might not normally share the contents of a phone discussion with others in the company, a Zang-enabled app could record calls and archive them. By flagging client names, notifications could be sent to interested parties and transcription services could be employed on select recordings to provide additional data points, leveraging the intelligence from all areas of the business. Once this kind of easy connectivity becomes built into your communication processes, collaboration improves, and the benefits of knowledge-sharing become crystal clear.

The more you know about your business the more you can do to improve it. Zang is here to help.

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