‘All About the API’ Keynote by Zang: The New API Economy and the Developer Role

‘All About the API’ Keynote by Zang: The New API Economy and the Developer Role

The API market is booming, and Davide Petramala, EVP of Business Development and Sales at Zang, will tell us why—and why your company needs to get on board—during his keynote presentation July 19 at TMC’s “All About the API” expo at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

Just a little over a year ago, Deloitte published statistics showing that the availability of public application programming interfaces (APIs) had doubled in 18 months, with more than 10,000 then published. Petramala will make clear how such growth represents just the tip of the API onslaught as companies across all verticals come to realize that their expansion hinges on opening their internal APIs to the developer community.

The surge in API abundance stems from the opportunity these open interfaces offer companies from a business development and marketing standpoint. Proprietary APIs cannot draw developers and, consequently, have lost their cachet in the marketplace. Exposing their internal workings through an API is the new norm for many companies. “Your success today,” says Petramala, “is based on the amount of APIs that you open up to the developer community so they can build and expand on what you’re doing.”

With this new approach, the developer has become central to the API economy—the ways organizations, partners and customers interface with the Web-enabled software that has become the standard for business processes. The economy is driven by the new openness of API delivery which, together with the cloud, is massively disrupting the pace of innovation in today’s organizations, lowering the risk and speeding up the pace of product development.

This means that developers will be in high demand by software providers. “To scale up, a company can only do so much on its own; it needs to open up its APIs to get not just thousands—millions—of developers to use its services,” says Petramala. The proliferation of APIs gives developers access to global massively scalable cloud services, making scalability virtually unlimited.

“In the past, the developer was the servant to all the software providers out there,” Petramala explains. With today’s access to many different functions from best-of-breed APIs, developers are only limited by their imagination—from collaboration apps to processing apps and anything in between. “APIs are absolutely changing the amount of accessible creativity and innovation the developer has at his fingertips.”

Another benefit to developers is that the inherent risk from the slow and arduous design process has been eliminated. “The industry is on its head,” Petramala insists. “The technology and investment risk once assumed by the customer and the developer has shifted to the providers.” For the developer leveraging the cloud and APIs, building an application has become hazard-free. And the possibilities for expansion are optimal: Developers are not tied to any particular environment, can program in their own languages, can pick and choose APIs, and can even move the same function calls to another provider.

Another key advantage of the new API economy? Instead of investing in technology and being saddled with risk, companies can take advantage of cloud infrastructure and open APIs to build their applications, or have someone build them, and pay based on the consumption model. “This is a Utopia for the consumer,” says Petramala. “Now they can build what they want, when they want and only pay for what they use.”

What Zang brings to this flourishing market is an easy-to-use yet highly scalable collaboration platform for voice, video and SMS via open APIs. “We’re going to open the door to our technology to give developers the same functionality and power to build scalable applications that we have,” Petramala explains. “We’re not selling software anymore; we’re opening up the door to our services.”

Zang is the first open public collaboration cloud platform targeted toward developers. “Our aim and goal,” says Petramala, “is to not just provide APIs but to innovate and provide more and more APIs and functions for building more and more robust applications.” Zang makes it simple to go beyond design and development to production. What would’ve been a massive project just a few years ago can be executed in a fraction of the time with Zang.

“With our APIs, we’re elevating the level of who can develop to someone without expertise in all the complexities of voice and database management. We’re incorporating APIs from soup to nuts so that developers have the toolset to go to market—not just to build something. Building is the easy part. Figuring out the macroeconomics, the licensing and provisioning is the hold up. By providing those features, we’re going to accelerate innovation in the developer community.”