Zang GM Presents the Latest Avaya Innovative Communications at 2016 Tech Forum in Ireland

Zang GM Presents the Latest Avaya Innovative Communications at 2016 Tech Forum in Ireland

The Zang platform is all about communication-enabling a process to get a desired outcome. So explained Zang, Inc. General Manager Mohammad Nezarati in May at Avaya’s Technology Forum 2016 in Dublin, Ireland. In case you missed it, Nezarati addressed assembled guests to review not only Avaya’s unified client strategy but to share information on the company’s new groundbreaking all-in-one cloud communication solution for businesses: Zang.

Zang, a wholly owned subsidiary of Avaya Inc., was introduced to the world in March at the Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando, Florida. The innovative 100-percent-cloud platform marks a milestone in the execution of Avaya’s vision and strategy to embed communications capabilities into any application.

With Zang, communication application development is a cinch. The solution is aimed at both technical and non-technical people from the C-suite to the IT department, and from small start-ups to large enterprises. The platform provides a simplified development environment, including software developer’s kits (SDKs) and sample apps on an easy-to-operate user interface.

“Everything we’re doing at Zang and Avaya is around giving you the ability to customize your product in a way that suits your needs,” Nezarati told his audience of network and infrastructure technology leaders, architects, engineers and managers. “The idea is that you no longer have to fit the product. We make the product fit you.”

Nezarati joined Avaya when his company Esna was purchased last year by the leading global provider of solutions for customer and team engagement. He worked to converge the Avaya applications division with Esna products to address three key points: active participation, persistence and quality of experiences. “We looked at reimagining our clients and reinventing our strategy to truly enhance the experience that people had with our solutions.”

One of the ultimate reconfigurations resulted in Zang. “Zang is Avaya’s entry into the cloud communications-as-a-service and software-as-a-service business,” Nezarati made clear. “The entire business is focused on cloud, on-demand and per-transaction models.”
He simplified the Zang solution this way: “Zang is a platform that sits in a cloud set of servers with a rich set of APIs around it that gives you the ability to build applications and solutions with the tools also provided.” Businesses without a development environment, such as Avaya’s Breeze, can simply implement Zang, which comes with a set of REST APIs on which to execute applications.

The software-as-a-service portion of the Zang solution is a set of pre-built applications that users can deploy for a variety of different use cases. They can be used right out of the box, right away. Again, this allows Avaya to support one-user environments. For example, a single user who wants to embed a client inside of Salesforce can do so without any Avaya infrastructure. “Go to Zang, download a single user client, sign up, pay the fee, and start using it,” Nezarati instructed.

The impetus for Zang is the growth coming in the cloud market. “In the age that we’re in today, this instant age,” Nezarati elucidated, “people are impatient about things they want to do. Our ability to provide them with that instant access, that instant gratification, is supported by our cloud initiatives. Using Zang, they can pull an app together in a matter of hours—if not minutes.”