Experience is Everything

Experience is Everything

Today is an exciting day for Avaya. We are showing the world once again how Avaya is leading the communications experience in the digital world: a vision of a smart, digital world where engagement across devices and software is always secure, always in context, always user defined.

As I speak with customers and partners from around the world, one trend prevails: they’re demanding a different experience—one that’s contextual, persistent and proactive. They want innovations that are defined and provide the right information at any time using the devices of their choosing. Today, we’re meeting their demands with a broad new set of Avaya solutions that focuses on customer engagement.

These solutions build on the momentum from our March launch at Enterprise Connect—including Avaya Breeze™, Zang (now available in 58 countries) and supporting elements. Our newest, soon-to-be-released solutions demonstrate how customers can grow and transform with Avaya for a better and smarter communications experience, because experience is everything. Today we announced:

  • Avaya Oceana™ is the next-gen customer engagement platform constructed 100% on Avaya Breeze. It supports all traditional media, as well as next-gen multimedia such as social engagement, reporting and analytics. With its integration with Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite, customers can leverage Avaya Oceana to migrate to next-gen omnichannel solutions and retain existing Avaya investments.

  • Analytics is one of the core elements within the Avaya portfolio, and Avaya Oceanalytics™ is the new Avaya game-changing analytics platform. Oceanalytics is a truly open, modular and extensible platform that focuses on the richness, availability and access to data within the enterprise to drive better intelligence, decision making and experiences. Customers can deploy analytics and reporting capabilities using Avaya Analytics Collector Snap-ins, develop their own capabilities with Avaya Breeze or integrate third-party capabilities. The first release of Oceananalytics will focus on Customer Engagement data sources, with Oceana as one of the first major users, with the ability to leverage, augment and expand customers’ current Avaya data sources and tools. Future releases will expand to support Team Engagement, in addition to customer and partner data sources.

  • Oceana™ Workspaces: This browser-based agent and supervisor omnichannel desktop for Avaya Oceana enables agents to handle multiple interactions across all channels simultaneously through one workspace.

  • Avaya Vantage™ will set the stage for future devices that will surpass traditional desktop devices at all levels and help push the boundaries of the desktop user experience. The cost-effective, all glass device empowers the use of the Avaya Breeze Client SDK, a software development kit, to embed communications features into business applications and break down silos among different communication channels.

  • Enterprise Software Subscription provides a new financial option for customers to access the latest Avaya Team Engagement and Customer Engagement solutions on a subscription basis, while allowing them to continue leveraging existing infrastructure investments.

Exponential changes in technology and the ways in which it’s consumed demand new ideas and breakthrough solutions. Avaya is continuing to innovate, not only to help our customers meet the challenges they face today, but to strongly position them to meet the demands of tomorrow. In a world where experience is everything, Avaya is helping our customers create their own amazing communications experiences.