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Welcome to the Zang blog—and welcome to Zang: the best applications-as-a-service platform bar none! Let us introduce you to this revolutionary new tool for improving your business’s internal and external communications. Visit our blog weekly for new articles about how Zang can help boost your business communications and propel the customer experience with your brand to unprecedented heights.

What is Zang?

Zang is an all-in-one cloud communication platform as-a-service and applications as-a-service environment. The Zang platform makes it easy for anyone to build communication apps. We offer a simplified development environment, simple SDKs and sample apps. Zang also includes flexible out-of-the-box applications that work stand-alone or can be embedded in other mobile, cloud and desktop applications. The highly interoperable platform helps simplify customization and configuration when building communication channels and applications. Zang’s applications focus on delivering a user experience (UX) unmatched by any other product in the market. Businesses use it today in partnership with their other communications apps, like Cisco WebEx, Skype for Business and Google Hangouts, to improve communications with customers and employees.

How does it work?

Your own in-house team uses the Zang platform to create custom applications that can transform your organization’s communications capabilities by allowing people to define how they want to work and connect. With complete workflow automation, Zang removes any barriers to businesses striving to incorporate mobile, cloud and social into their communication strategy. It supports today’s tech-savvy customers who expect seamless interactions from the Web to their personal devices. With a simple click, Zang connects users to multiple communications channels such as video, chat, voice, SMS, and document sharing from mobile, Web or desktop environments.

Who should use Zang?

Zang is for visionaries from small startups to large enterprises who dream of a better way to communicate internally and externally. And you don’t need to be an expert in any programming language to use it, as Zang guides users smoothly through the application creation process. One hundred percent cloud-based Zang encompasses easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools, prebuilt applications and robust APIs so that anyone can use it to leverage the Web’s best offerings to quickly build and deploy applications. Any business leader with an eye on the future of the communication landscape, and who understands the importance of providing a great customer experience will want to leverage Zang to ensure an optimal outcome.

Why deploy Zang?

Zang will improve the customer experience with your brand through the development of custom communication solutions that create exclusive and personal interaction channels. Use Zang to provide your customers with white-glove treatment that they’re sure to appreciate and remember when they want to buy a similar product or service again. A partnership with Zang will allow you to rapidly respond to customer expectations now and in the future. Through high-quality interactions with your key targets, your business will scale to new heights.

The birth of Zang

On March 9, 2016, Avaya introduced Zang to the world as an exciting innovation. It marks a milestone in the execution of Avaya’s vision and strategy to embed communications capabilities into as many apps and mobile devices as possible. Yet Zang is already a proven tool used by thousands of developers. TelTech Corp., for instance, used Zang’s communication services to create TapeACall: the No. 4 top-grossing app in the business category of the iTunes app store.

Zang General Manager Mohammad Nezarati has compared Zang benefits to those engendered by publishing software giant WordPress. “Zang enables anyone to build and deploy a communications app without needing technical expertise—similar to how WordPress made it easy to design a website,” he said.

Now, end users from the operations manager at your dentist’s office to the founding father and CEO of a major corporation can use Zang to create personalized apps. The sky’s the limit with Zang’s cloud-based applications development tools in the hands of innovators focused on elevating the customer experience.

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