Exploring the New Avaya Stadium Mobile App for the San Jose Earthquakes

With only days left, the momentum surrounding the 2016 MLS season kickoff is at an all-time high. This year, with Avaya’s help, fans of the San Jose Earthquakes have even more to look forward to as they celebrate their team’s home opener at Avaya Stadium—the league’s first-ever cloud-enabled stadium.

As a proud partner of the Earthquakes, Avaya’s mission is to continually refine its market-leading technologies in order to push the boundaries of fan engagement. Most notably among this season’s technological advancements is an upgraded version of the Avaya Stadium mobile app. Fans who download the app, which is currently available for iOS and Android, can engage deeper with their team using a number of innovative features and capabilities.

With just one week until kickoff, now is the perfect time for Quakes fans and MLS enthusiasts alike to check out the app. Here’s a sneak peek at what users can expect:

  • Game Day Activity Stream: The application’s homepage is a one-stop-shop for all news about the Quakes, featuring a number of live activity streams for fans to engage in. For example, a social media stream combines real-time activity and commentary across today’s most popular social feeds including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Fans can synch their social accounts to the app in order to post about the team or join in on conversations. They can also use the hashtag #AvayaStadium for a chance to appear on Avaya’s Fan Engagement Wall (more on this below), and win prizes like free drinks and clothing. Additionally, there are streams that curate managed content and news about the game, team and more. All need-to-know information is in one easily-accessible place for maximum convenience.
  • Digital Player Cards: Digital player cards bring fans’ favorite players to life. Users can quickly and easily view player information, performance statistics and more via the app.
  • Stadium Chat: This feature enables fans to engage in live chat with agents to receive help of any kind. For example, users can ask questions related to parking, concessions and merchandising, as well as view maps to easily navigate the stadium. Users can even buy tickets via the app, which is linked to Ticketmaster.
  • Interactive Polling: This function enables the Quakes to engage with fans via interactive polls, which are sent as push notifications to app users. As with any other application, users are first asked to consent to notifications before receiving them.

The all-new Avaya Stadium mobile app deeply engages with fans while supporting a truly effortless user experience. From the comfort of couches to the thrill of front-row seats, fans are granted 24×7 access to the Quakes with just the touch of a finger.

This new mobile app, however, is just part of Avaya’s technology showcase designed to enhance fan engagement. This year we’re also honing in on:

  • Networking and Wi-Fi: High bandwidth Wi-Fi service, powered by Avaya’s WLAN9100 solution, supports the expansive 18,000-seat stadium to ensure seamless connectivity for all users. Fans can use the Avaya Stadium mobile app, surf the Web, engage in social media and more with little to no latency or jitter. iBeaconing—location-based technology—also indicates when users are successfully connected to the Avaya network within the stadium.
  • Fan Engagement Wall: Six TVs are combined to make a giant, connected screen that shares real-time social activity and commentary, taking fans deeper into the game. Any post with the hashtag #AvayaStadium will automatically be sent to Avaya’s CMS for approval, where our team filters for content and then chooses to promote it, or reject it.
  • Fanalytics: With “Fanalytics,” Avaya has strategically leveraged the data it receives through several fan touchpoints and channels to continually improve fan engagement. This opens the door to new and exciting ways to transform the fan experience and make the MLS’ best stadium even better.

Supported by Avaya’s advanced technology and end-to-end support, the first cloud-enabled stadium in the MLS allows the Quakes to reimagine fan engagement, establishing themselves as a true differentiator in the league.

The launch of our new mobile app is big news for Quakes fans, but even bigger news for the sports industry as a whole. Technology makes a difference and, offered from the right vendor, can transform the way fans engage with the teams they love. Avaya is proud to support the San Jose Earthquakes as one of over 45 sports teams with advanced, cloud-enabled stadiums worldwide.

As fans countdown to kickoff, they can kick start an immersive, 360-degree experience using the all-new Avaya Stadium mobile app. In Avaya’s world, the 2016 MLS season starts right now.

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