Avaya Helps Voss Auto Network Sales and Service Accelerate Into the Fast Lane

In a car dealership, responsiveness means the difference between a service appointment, a large-ticket sale, or a customer taking their business elsewhere. Voss Auto Network has accelerated into the fast lane for its sales and services to power its sales and service growth based on Avaya.

With an old network and aging phone system with limited features Voss faced these challenges:

  • Despite a reputation for meeting and exceeding customer needs, Voss Auto Network was using an aging communications system with limited functionality that resulted in missed customer calls
  • A young salesforce wanted smartphones to be their primary communications device
  • Without voicemail, customers would have no way of letting the service department know they needed an appointment after-hours
  • Getting calls when “walking the lot,” quickly retrieving voicemails, and having the ability to easily track missed calls have all proved key to taking customer service, sales, and repeat business to the next level

In a phased approach, Voss chose to upgrade to an Avaya network and IP Office business communications system and has seen immediate results. The value Avaya created includes:

  • A 10- to 20 percent increase in service appointments
  • More value for the money spent on communications
  • Integration of voicemails with email

“Right away, no call went unanswered,” said Voss Auto Network CIO Kevin Murvay. “Appointments were easy for customers to schedule at the press of a button. Salespeople love that; with their smartphone, they are just five seconds away from voicemail.”

The Voss Auto Network is proud to be part of the Centerville, Beavercreek, Monroe, and Tipp City communities. Starting with Chevrolet in 1972, Voss Auto Network boasts nine franchises: Chevrolet, Cadillac, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Scion, Hyundai, Land Rover, and Joe Morgan Honda.

Click here to read the Voss Auto Network’s full case study.

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