You Say You Want an Evolution? Well, Ya Know… *

As technologies go, there’s little glamor or excitement in those that have stood the test of time. Today, the spotlight shines brightly on the latest startup, app or device and quickly fades as the next entry appears on the horizon.

The year 2000 was full of hope and hype: mobile communications, Internet and email were solidly in the hands of the consuming public and making a significant impact on new business models. It would be awhile yet before the cell phone could do much more than make and receive voice calls.

IP communications were the hot topic – with both boosters and detractors running the spectrum from “wave of the future” to “an unproven, business risk unworthy of capital investments.”  Businesses straddled both sides: the promise of new capabilities was interesting, but who in their right mind risks critical business functions on new technology?

The first version of Avaya IP Office™ hit the North American market in 2000. From the start, the SMB system was billed as a PBX/IP Telephony solution that had the flexibility to have analog, digital and/or VoIP endpoints added at any time. This “hybrid” system could support up to 360 endpoints and even network to other IP Office systems using traditional or VoIP trunking. Voice communications only from the business desk, please, but what else did a business need at that point?

Dial (pun-intended) forward. Businesses in 2015 are looking considerably different than they did a decade and a half ago (note: so are most of my friends and colleagues). Mobile, IP, social, big data have changed the landscape – not in one fell swoop – but through steady, persistent inroads made by cycles of innovation, development, implementation, measurable impact and expansion.

Deciding when and how to make a change that can have a significant impact on the future can be among the most stressful, bewildering aspects of business. The ripple effect of that decision influences an ever-widening circle of people, processes, technologies. Further, change is rarely something that’s once and done. Smart businesses continuously keep a finger in the wind.

So it is with Avaya IP Office.  Over the last 15 years, the system has evolved into a platform capable of supporting a full range of unified communications, contact center, video, mobility and networking.

We’ve shipped out more than half a million systems to customers around the world, operating some of the most unique, growing businesses. We’ve won countless awards – including our recent Leader’s quadrant position recognition in the first Gartner Magic Quadrant for Midsize Unified Communications 2015 (NA).

But most importantly, we’ve kept our finger in the wind to make sure that our technologies enable customers to flexibly accommodate new market, businesses and consumer trends and gracefully evolve into the future.

… Because, ya know, we all want to change the world.

*with apologies to the Beatles.

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