Customers Who Use This Tool Are 73% More Likely to Avoid an Outage

Ever mutter to yourself, “Yeah, well, let me just get out my magic wand, and take care of that for you?”

I know I enjoy using that phrase in conversations about turning a situation from “snakes on a plane” to “ponies and rainbows.” Well, when it comes to preventing customer outages, I’ve actually got one of those magic wands: EXPERT SystemsSM.

A 2014 internal study from Avaya showed that customers who utilize EXPERT SystemsSM are 73 percent more likely to avoid an outage. And with the average industry outage costing a customer $575,000, this means real value to our customers.

Since the average Avaya customer’s support coverage cost well below that figure, and given that most customers’ coverage already includes EXPERT SystemsSM, this is a magic wand that has a big return on investment.

Of course, this solution isn’t magic; it was built over decades of hard work, intellectual property and investment, which makes EXPERT SystemsSM so effective at its job. Rather than investing in large NOCs with large displays and lots of humans manually monitoring every alarm that comes in, Avaya has invested in sophisticated automation that’s able to programmatically filter, correlate, triage, and/or clear 99.96 percent of all received alarms without engaging one of our support engineers. That investment means our customers get their alarms managed in the time it takes a script to execute, ensuring that their issues are addressed before turning into costly downtime.

What about the 0.04 percent that do require and Avaya Support Engineer to engage? We programmatically run our Configuration Validation Tool (CVT) on the alarming device so that when the support request makes it to the engineer, the engineer already has a report on the application’s configuration, highlighting areas of concern, as well as the log files. This enables the engineer to get right to work instead of tracking down someone at the customer location to get information and log files from.

So, if you or your customer is interested in fewer outages and faster resolution of issues, validate you have Support Advantage Preferred coverage on your applications and then use Avaya’s Global Registration Tool (GRT) to onboard those applications for EXPERT SystemsSM.

To learn more about the value of EXPERT SystemsSM and how it works, watch the six-minute video below, which includes an animated diagram of how alarms flow through the systems:

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