AvayaLive™ Video Delivers VCaaS Collaboration When and Where You Need It

To bring your communications strategy into the 21st century, take video conferencing to the cloud. But before you hop on a spaceship, zoom in on AvayaLive™ Video, the company’s first-ever Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS) offer.

AvayaLive Video is based on years of feedback from customers who value our on-premise video solution, the award-winning Scopia® video. Customers were hungry for an Avaya VCaaS offer that had an eye turned toward the future of cloud-based collaboration.

According to Wainhouse Research, businesses globally are turning more to video to reduce the time, cost and complexity of business travel.

Digital natives–people born after 1975–make up about half the global workforce, and are twice as likely to use new technologies or systems to communicate and collaborate while at work. Analysts at Wainhouse recommend implementing Video as a Service as a straightforward, low-risk and low-cost way to invest in and experiment with video communications.

Wainhouse highlights the reduction of financial and technical risks when implementing VaaS as some of its many benefits, also noting the lessened IT burden that comes with cloud-based solutions.

We’re proud to say that AvayaLive Video delivers. It eliminates the complexity, time and upfront costs associated with deploying and maintaining an on-premise video collaboration infrastructure, and combines ease-of-use with high-definition video, powered by Scopia®.

In a review of current VaaS offerings, the Tolly Group identified AvayaLive Video as having the broadest, richest feature set.

Tolly recognized AvayaLive Video’s advantage in delivering excellent user experiences even over low-quality networks.

AvayaLive Video also stood out for its support of AES-128 encryption, 1080p HD video resolution, unlimited use of rooms with up to 25 participants, and the ability to personalize screen layouts. Another noted advantage is its extensive meeting management capabilities, including presenter identification, a unique moderator menu, and indicators for lock, encryption and recording status.

The true testament to AvayLive Video’s benefits, though, is the firsthand experience of our customers. We’ve heard from customers spanning verticals about how the solution has improved business results:

  • A consumer retail organization used AvayaLive Video to elevate inter-store communications and streamline the identification of fast- or slow-selling items. This allowed order levels to be adjusted to improve sales and profits across all locations.
  • An insurance company used AvayaLive Video to enable real-time communications between field adjusters and underwriters. By allowing underwriters to “see” the customer’s situation and damages incurred related to a claim, they were able to collect the right information the first time. This helped clients receive their insurance claim checks quicker, and improved customer satisfaction.
  • For more information on use cases, contact an Avaya associate for a copy of the Avaya white paper, “Video Collaboration Use Cases.”

AvayaLive Video is available to information workers and IT professionals through avaya.com or the Avaya ecosystem of certified business partners.

To sign up for a free trial of AvayaLive Video, visit www.AvayaLive.com/video and click on the “Try AvayaLive Video” button at the bottom of the page.

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