How the Cake Boss Grew His Business Using Avaya’s Recipe for Success

It’s our goal that when you work with us, you shouldn’t be focused on the technology. That might seem counterintuitive, but it shouldn’t be. Good technology enables you to do your job; great technology creates opportunities for engagement that let you fully connect with your customers and focus on your business without thinking about it. That’s just what we did with Carlo’s Bakery.

From ‘Please Hold’ to ‘Ready to Go’

Carlo’s Bakery of TLC’s “Cake Boss” fame had a problem. The bake shop had delicious cakes and desserts that the public was clamoring for, but it couldn’t serve them fast enough.

The bakery was growing rapidly–expanding from 35 employees in 2009 to more than 400 in 2015–and increasing from just one store to six (with a new, 80,000-square-foot factory in Lackawanna, N.J.). This accelerated growth presented a challenge: There were not only more customers to serve, but also more employees to connect.

More so, Carlo’s Bakery had a popular, mobile boss in Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro Jr., who needed to be able to connect with his team anywhere and at any time. Avaya’s technology became the focal point for reimagining the communication process.

Keeping It Personal

Cakes and desserts are a personal business, and Carlo’s Bakery has strong ties to the community. The brand is built not only on products that taste good but also on the kind of business that listens and engages with its customers to ensure each order is customized to their unique wants and needs. Here at Avaya, we’re all about that kind of engagement. You could say that it’s our bread and butter… but we prefer cakes and pastries.

Our task wasn’t just about reducing the length of time customers had to wait on hold and improving how quickly customers were able to order in-person. It was about creating an end-to-end solution that would enable customers to engage with the bakery, let Buddy oversee his business no matter where he was, and help his team better engage with one another to manage their resources on a day-to-day basis.

Reimagining Collaboration

We created a two-pronged approach tailored to the bake shop’s business that let customers engage with the bakery while giving the bakery team the tools to collaborate more effectively.

By transforming from six phone lines to a complete, state-of-the-art infrastructure–centered around the Avaya IP Office platform, wireless LAN and data network solutions–Carlo’s Bakery can focus on offering its customers a great experience. Happy customers mean repeat business.

Engaging Effortlessly

The solutions we implemented are about making a customer’s experience seamless, from ordering a cake or pastry, being guided through the consultation process, all the way to final delivery. With fast, reliable WiFi, employees can now take orders through tablet-based inventory control management and point-of-sale solutions. Customers can connect via video with a cake designer at the Lackawanna factory to get the details of their order just right, from frosting to filling, and all of the customer information is entered into We’ve empowered the team at Carlo’s Bakery so they can focus on creating delicious desserts.

Enabling the Team to Shine

Ultimately, the team at Carlo’s Bakery spends its time engaging with each customer on a personal level–not focused on the technology–and that’s the way we like it. It’s about making sure the baseball cake for an eighth birthday party is perfect, and the lobster-tail pastries for a 50th-anniversary celebration are extraordinary. Carlo’s Bakery is going to continue to expand for years to come, powered by the underlying Avaya technology that supports the business on that journey. Now that’s simply sweet.

Learn more about Avaya’s engagement solutions here.

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