Hottest Products at Interop 2015? Avaya Tops the Charts!

If you’re looking for the hottest products from Interop 2015, look no further than Avaya! Our Open Networking Adapter and ERS 5900 Series charted on Network World’s top 25 “Hottest Products at Interop 2015” list.

And it’s certainly no surprise. Customers who have heard the pitch are abuzz with all things Avaya since the announcement of our leading-edge Avaya SDN Fx™ architecture.

Avaya SDN Fx™ takes a very different approach than existing technologies by enabling a complete end-to-end Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution. It all begins with an automated core powered by network-wide Fabric Connect technology (the “F” in SDN Fx), and ends with a fully-enabled edge. A powerful set of affiliated technologies (the “x” in SDN Fx) act as the glue, integrating the automation of the core with the opportunities at the edge and delivering simplicity everywhere.

The products that caught Network World’s attention – the Open Networking Adapter and ERS 5900 Series – deliver major business value by bringing companies closer to engaging the Internet of Things.

It’s estimated that by 2020, at least 30 billion total devices will be connected, nearly 3X the number that exists today. As the Internet of Things exponentially expands, these solutions become more and more critical to a forward-thinking, innovative business strategy.

Key quotes from Network World:

About the ONA: “Provides instant network identity to any device with an Ethernet port including medical devices, manufacturing equipment, kiosks, and branch offices. The pocket-sized appliance leverages commercial, off the shelf processing with an Open Virtual Switch (OVS), Avaya extensions and SDN Control to extend the power and flexibility of SDN to any Ethernet-enabled device or location.”

About the ERS 5900 Series: “Providing high-performance, convergence-ready, resilient and secure Ethernet switching connectivity. Supporting Avaya’s innovative Fabric technology, it delivers virtual fabric services to the network edge/wiring closet environment.”

Check out the full slideshow:

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