Connecting Avaya to the World of Cloud Applications

Today is a big day for Esna. After 25 years, we embark on a new phase of our journey. We’re excited to be joining the Avaya family, as announced earlier today.

This deal makes so much sense for both companies. Avaya is a powerhouse in business engagement and communications solutions and has the largest installed base of customers in the market today. Esna has been an Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner for more than 10 years, and that partnership has resulted in a number of high-value solutions for Avaya customers.

From developing the first software-based unified communications solution in 1992 to its latest innovation embedding communication and collaboration capability inside cloud-based applications, Esna has pioneered award-winning communication and collaboration solutions that connect people, process and information to get work done.

Today, the company embeds these communication tools inside the business applications people use every day. That means busy professionals no longer need to use multiple applications to communicate and connect with colleagues, customers and partners.

Esna solutions seamlessly connect Avaya voice and mobile networks with cloud-based business solutions such as Google™ Apps,®, Microsoft® Office 365 and Jive Software.

A shared culture of excellence

Delivering exceptional customer engagement has always been Esna’s North Star and our development team strives to deliver innovation and the kind of elegant application development and design that makes collaborating easy.

Avaya has always had exceptional engineering capability and expertise in PBX and network infrastructure—they are the best on the planet in this domain. Avaya has a deep desire to deliver superior products and services for their customers around the world.

As we come together and unite our distinct capabilities, we will develop and offer amazing products that support better, stronger collaboration and communication in the enterprise and that interoperate with multiple platforms.

A history of working together for customer success

One joint customer of Esna and Avaya—Serena Software—provides a great example of how the two companies already have a history of working together to deliver value to customers, both immediately and over the long term.

Serena Software wanted to shift more than 800 users on their Avaya® on-premise solution (using Microsoft® Exchange) to a cloud-based, Google™ Apps email and calendaring solution while maintaining their Avaya UC capability. Esna Officelinx offered a seamless way to make that connection and, a year later, when Serena wanted to move again—this time to a hosted Microsoft BPOS suite—Esna was able to help them make the switch, while keeping them on their Avaya platform and delivering a migration that was completely transparent to end users.

I see so much opportunity ahead for us, working together to extend and enhance capability across Avaya’s customer base, and bringing new customers to the Avaya ecosystem. We look forward to innovating together and building the kind of robust, world-class communication and collaboration solutions the market is demanding!

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