Avaya Wins Global Omnichannel Contact Center Award

Here at Avaya, we’re proud to make the world’s best customer engagement hardware and software, relied on daily by the world’s best-known brands. While we’ve helped guide our customers on their journey toward 21st-century engagement, up until a few years ago, our own customer engagement was stuck in the past.

As late as 2011, Avaya’s Global Support Services organization was still inextricably tied to the telephone, with the bulk of our agents busy picking up the phone, answering common questions, picking up the phone, answering common questions, picking up the phone, and so on, day in and day out.

For the past three years, Global Support Services has transformed itself into a model of omnichannel customer engagement.

The results speak for themselves: Customer satisfaction scores are up and time-to-resolution is down. Roughly 85 percent of our customers now use the Web to initiate their personalized service experience. Customers are using our online tools to answer their own questions–in fact, an average of 46,000 issues get resolved each month without human intervention. Some 85 percent of chat-based service requests are resolved in less than an hour.

Today, we’re proud to announce that Avaya Global Support Services has won this year’s ICMI Global Contact Center Award for Best Use of an Emerging Channel.

What makes this award so special is that it recognizes the hard work so many Avayans have undertaken since 2012 to transform Global Support Services around a truly omnichannel experience for customers.

This omnichannel support ecosystem includes Web access to traditional support request models integrated with virtual assistant, chat (unusual in a B2B technical support environment), voice over the Web and–never before seen in the industry–video. These channels were built with full inter-channel continuity to provide one comprehensive experience (hence “omni”-channel and not “multi”-channel) for all support needs. Behind this tool is the ability for agents to work from any channel and for workflow and resource management to support all channels, including process and operational conditioning to provide support by multiple agents at once, also known as “swarming.”

The implementation was envisioned, designed and driven by the Global Support Services organization and executive leadership, led by Mike Runda, who had recently joined the company. IT, Corporate Strategy and others were all integral to the drive.

The evolution of Avaya Global Support Services is more than a technological advancement in and of itself. It is not just a website; it is a fully-integrated omnichannel customer experience. This new omnichannel means of communication will revolutionize the customer service experience in 2015 and beyond.

Continued progress in enhancing the customer support experience is good business and a win-win for both customers and Avaya. It benefits customers by accelerating the time-to-system optimization and issue resolution. Both are key drivers in ensuring customers get the most out of the Avaya engagement solutions that underpin business outcomes, such as revenue and margin growth.

For Avaya, this technological advancement ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction, better Net Promoter Scores, and increased loyalty (which is directly linked to future revenue growth), while also improving profit margins.

Gone are the days when a customer’s only way to interact with a company is the telephone. Customers can now use two-way video to show the agent a problem instead of describing it, leverage a swarm of agents dedicated to delivering out-of-the box solutions, access online knowledge databases that are continuously updated in real-time, or let Ava (the avatar who already knows their search history) direct them to the right answer.

Industry studies have consistently shown generational differences in preference for the way people like to engage support resources. As industry leaders, we remain committed to leveraging omnichannel methods to satisfy future generations of customers longing to communicate in the form best suited to their needs.

Thanks to our customers and dedicated staff, much has been completed and this ICMI Global Contact Center Award belongs to all of them. This award marks an important milestone to a journey that has just begun.

What communication channel do you prefer when you need customer service? What new communication channels do see coming on the horizon?

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