The Forgotten Factor in IP Video Surveillance Deployments

Tens of thousands of people will stream into ISC West in Las Vegas this week in search of the latest and greatest security offering.

Few areas in the security space are as hot as video surveillance–hailed as critical in deterring crimes, increasing safety, and reducing losses.

In reality, IP video surveillance deployments–especially large deployments–pose a number of challenges. A huge amount of high-quality video footage must be streamed, secured, archived and be easily accessible. This is not easy, which is why customers are increasingly looking for validated, end-to-end solutions.

‘Surveillance at Scale’ is the answer: A validated, next-generation IP video surveillance system brought to you by a number of best-of-breed vendors: EMC, AXIS, Genetec and–wait for it–Avaya!

If you paused when you read the last name, you’re likely not alone. You’re probably thinking, “Avaya is not in the video surveillance business”–and you’re correct. Avaya does not sell surveillance cameras, video management software or storage (and, for the record, has no plans to). So what exactly does Avaya offer?

Before answering that question, let me digress. A number of years ago, Kellogg’s ran TV ads where they asked people what they thought Kellogg’s Rice Krispies were made from. A simple enough question, with an utterly obvious answer, but something very few people had ever considered.

What do Kellogg’s Rice Krispies and IP video surveillance have in common? Consider this question: What do you think IP video surveillance runs over?

Again, the answer is obvious, and yet little attention is directed toward the IP network.

That’s shocking, given the IP network is the foundational infrastructure that all video surveillance components run over. The most sophisticated surveillance system can be rendered useless if the network is not running right. Analysts predict up to 70 percent of surveillance issues (blurry images, lost footage etc.) may be attributed to the network.

That brings me back to Avaya and the ‘Surveillance at Scale’ solution.

Avaya offers a network optimized for video surveillance. Leveraging Fabric Connect (an enhanced implementation of shortest-path bridging), Avaya offers greater scalability, performance and simplicity than traditional IP network offerings.

Avaya provides a network that can scale to support tens of thousands of video streams simultaneously and ensures that video is always available (sub-second failover). We produce a set-it-and-forget-it network–install it, and never worry about the network that your IP video surveillance system runs on ever again.

For those attending ISC West, drop by the Avaya/EMC booth at the Axis Partner Pavilion (booth #14059) to learn more about ‘Surveillance at Scale.’

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