How Addison Lee’s IT Helps it Go the Extra Mile

British taxi company Addison Lee transports 10 million people a year in London alone. It attributes its success to combining the latest technology with traditional values of customer engagement. I got insight into how the company’s mission statement really shapes their business at a recent conference where Addison Lee CTO Peter Ingram was presenting.

“We recently won a tender with a 3-month rollout plan,” Ingram said. “That changed to a 48-hour rollout plan when the incumbent supplier got into financial difficulties. We literally had hours to deploy an end-to-end solution for 20,000 employees across the UK, including a new website and booking portal.”

Peter said setting up a brand new service overnight was possible due to Addison Lee’s commitment to investing in ‘great technology and great people.’

The company’s investment in Avaya Fabric Connect massively reduced the amount of manual configuration required to deploy new applications and services. As a result, a task that would have taken weeks with a legacy system was accomplished in a matter of hours.

Network downtime, even for maintenance, damages business. More so, perhaps, for Addison Lee, whose network handles 50,000 booking a week through the company’s mobile app, and a steady flow of phone bookings 24/7.

The new, Fabric-enabled network allows Addison Lee to upgrade or configure parts of the network in isolation without impacting overall service levels. When rolling out a new service, the network automatically configures distribution and core switches.

IT personnel simply focus on configuring edge devices, reducing the chance of human error. As a result, using Fabric Connect can save the IT department hours—if not days—of configuration time. New configurations are simpler, reducing the chance of outages that impact business agility and the bottom line.

Now that’s what I would call a well-oiled machine!

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