Excellent Customer Service: It’s in our DNA

Here at Avaya, we’re very proud of the transformation that our Support organization has undertaken over the last few years. We love to show off our knowledge-centered support, our great tools, Ava, and our video chats. As great as these new tools and processes are, they are merely a means to end: delivering excellent customer support.

Avaya Global Support Services is no stranger to delivering great service. After all, we support Avaya products and solutions, and customer experience management is what Avaya is amazing at.

We have been consistently listed as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for contact center solutions. In fact, we’re the only provider listed as such for 14 years straight. This customer experience management strength is in our DNA. To paraphrase a humorous set of commercials on US television: At Avaya, we deliver amazing customer service; it’s what we do.

With that, I’m proud to announce that Avaya has received the prestigious NorthFace ScoreBoard Award, for the 2nd year in a row. What I find most impressive about this award is that it is based on data from independent auditors from Omega.

When they polled our customers, 96 percent of our field services customers and 91 percent of our support services customers reported having an experience that exceeded their expectations.

Think about that.

When was the last time you interfaced with a company at work, had dinner at a local restaurant, or called in for support and the experience you received exceeded your expectations? What would that mean at your hardware store, the Thai restaurant, or your cable provider? Can you imagine feeling that way for more than 90 percent of those interactions? This is no one-off for us either; it ties in quite nicely with the surveying we do that shows 92 percent of our clients have a positive support experience.

If you don’t count yourself in the +90 percent of our clients who feel we are exceeding their expectations in delivering support, I encourage you to reach out to your Avaya account team and have a conversation about what we can do to change that experience.

Maybe you don’t have secure remote access to your solution via Secure Access Link, so we’re not delivering the speed of service other customers are receiving. Perhaps you don’t have our EXPERT SystemsSM enabled, so we’re not auto-resolving 85 percent of alarm-based service requests quickly and without any human intervention.

It could be that you haven’t deployed our SLAMonTM server that provides amazing diagnostic capabilities for Avaya endpoints and quality of service monitoring for your data network (even if it isn’t an Avaya network).

The employees of Avaya Global Support Services wake up every morning to exceed our customer’s expectations: it’s what we do.

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