Engaging in Multi-Vendor Collaborative Support

Periodically, in my personal life, I will use video conferencing technology on my PC to talk with family and friends. I’ve recently been having problems where “muting” my video to the other party causes my Windows 7 to crash (the legendary blue screen of death).

As a professional diagnostician, I can’t leave it alone and opened a support ticket with the video solution. They assured me the root cause was with the webcam driver. I opened a ticket with the second company, and sure enough they are confident the problem is with the first vendor.

I pushed both parties for full Windows dump analysis and after several months of back and forth I’m still no closer to resolution.

I mention this because we know that enterprise customers experience similar issues when getting multiple vendor solutions working together (see this recent No Jitter article). I’m proud to say that Avaya Support has put in place a program where we will now collaborate with other vendors in our industry to ensure our customers don’t experience frustration in the back and forth between their vendors.

Let’s say an Avaya customer is having voice quality issues with their Communication Manager. If during the troubleshooting of that issue, the Avaya Support Engineer believes the problem lies with the customer’s third-party data network, if that vendor is one of the 50+ we have an agreement with, our engineer will work directly with the other vendor’s support team to identify where the problem truly lies.

Only once both vendors agree where the problem is, the problematic vendor will continue to work with the customer and the “innocent” vendor will move on to other customers.

While the list is long, at the time of this article, they include Cisco, EMC, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, and VMware.

If you are interested in this capability, it is included, at no additional charge to current customers with Support Advantage Preferred support coverage, “Utility” contracts, and/or remote monitoring coverage for CS1000 and Meridian 1. For more information, please speak with your Avaya/Partner account team.

Engaging in Multi-Vendor Collaborative Support