SIP-Based Communication Technologies Help Meet School Safety Requirements

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It has become increasingly critical for schools to implement systems that ensure staff and students know how to respond during an emergency situation. At the heart of all emergency plans is the need for reliable and easy-to-use communications:

  • Students and staff need the right communications technology in place to immediately and accurately report emergency situations as they occur
  • School administrators and emergency responders require immediate communications

Enhanced communication technologies help schools meet stringent safety requirements in the following areas:

  1. School-wide and zone-based paging to enable two-way communication with all staff and students
  2. Emergency buttons to allow students and staff to easily and quickly report emergency situations
  3. Visual and audible alarms to report emergency events and locations
  4. A wide variety of speaker and audible notification devices to suit all school environments including quiet areas, loud zones and outdoor locations
  5. Ability for staff to broadcast emergency announcements that preempt all other communications
  6. Electronic access control devices to secure exterior doors, including voice and video door controllers
  7. Remote monitoring and two-way communication with any school room to allow school authorities and emergency responders to listen in or communicate with students and staff during an emergency

The Avaya Safe School Solution is a comprehensive solution that addresses the day-to-day communication needs of K-12 schools while also providing the capabilities to manage school emergency situations.

The solution is a combination of Avaya networking and communications products along with security and alerting endpoints from DevConnect partner Algo Communication Solutions. It leverages SIP technology to control and automate school emergency systems and devices such as door entry controls, paging systems, and mobile devices, as well as provide on-site alerting of emergency calls from Select DevConnect partner Conveyant Systems, Inc., so that schools can expedite appropriate responses.

To find out more about Avaya Safe School Solution watch the following video:

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