Mobility: Solutions for the Desk Worker

A Desk Worker is not mobile per se, but they do benefit from mobility capabilities that allow them to remain in contact with associates who are remote and mobile, and to complement their work with mobile devices while at their desk. As noted in a previous blog, (See Mobility: It’s More Than Just Apps!) the Desk Worker is just one use case for mobility.

The objective of Desk Worker solutions is to harmonize the use of multiple devices while at the desk. Mobility enables the user to complement desktop tools with mobile devices to simplify workflow and increase productivity.

  • The PC can be used in VoIP mode, with no desk phone required. However, ergonomics, ease of use, and dealing with PC-related issues (e.g. locked machine, poor performance) drive many to use the PC in conjunction with a desk phone.
  • The desk worker may choose to augment screen real estate by using a tablet or smartphone for video or web conferencing, freeing up the PC screen for note taking or multitasking.
  • While Avaya clients and phones support multiple line appearances, shifting between calls requires placing other active calls on hold. There are times a user may want to manage multiple calls at the same time, such as listening in on a conference call while muted and answering an important inbound call. Avaya’s mobile clients and multi-device access provide the freedom to manage multiple calls either on a single device or on multiple devices at the same time.
  • While a mobile device can complement other communications at the desk, issues such as battery life, ergonomics and voice quality may prevent it from being used as an everyday, all day communication tool for a desk worker. Avaya E169 and E159 media stations offer docking capabilities for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. The docking station extends the voice from the mobile device through a high-quality speakerphone or handset, and it charges the mobile device. In addition, it can work autonomously from the mobile device using a SIP connection to Avaya Aura.